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Home Health Assistant FYI

A home health assistant helps people who have disabilities, a chronic illness, or have some sort of cognitive impairment that prevents them from functioning independently. These professionals also provide assistance to older people. You may help people in their homes with bathing, getting dressed, and with housekeeping. In some states, a home health assistant may be able to give medication to clients or to check their vital signs, under the direction of a health professional.

Some of the duties that you will perform include:

  • Assist your clients with some of their daily tasks, including dressing and bathing
  • Help with light housework – washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming
  • Organize the daily plans for your clients
  • Schedule transportation for trips to the doctor’s office
  • Shop for food and other essentials
  • Provide your client with companionship

Home Health Assistant Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for home health assistants was $20,500 in May 2010. The top 10% earned about $29,300.

Home Health Assistant Jobs and Careers

The employment opportunities in this field are expected to skyrocket in the next decade. The employment of home health assistants will increase by a staggering 69% by 2020. This is due to the aging of the baby boom generation, and there will be a great demand for assistance in the home for these elderly citizens. Also, home care for the elderly is a much less expensive option than a hospital or a nursing home. Many of these elderly clients do not need to stay in a special facility, but can live at home with some assistance, which is much less expensive.

Home Health Assistant Online Programs

There are a number of good community colleges around the country where you can earn a certification to become a nursing assistant. Some of the best are listed below.

Featured Online School Offerings

Home Health Assistant Requirements

This profession does not have any exact education requirements, but you will need to have a high school diploma. If you are working in a certified home or hospice, you will need to have some sort of formal training and will need to pass a state standardized test. You will typically be trained in part on the job by a nurse or a supervisor. Some states may only require that you have a high school diploma, while other states will require that you have formal training, which may be provided by a vocational school or a community college. This typically would be a one year program at most.

Home Health Assistant Scholarships

Below are some of the scholarships that you can find that can help you to become a home health assistant: