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K-12 Lesson Plans

Whether you are a novice teacher or an experienced one, looking to create your own curriculum for the first time or simply in need of ways to jazz up your current teaching repertoire, there are websites that meet your needs. Many sites offer free resources that meet state standards, including lesson plans, games, materials, and fun daily updates that will keep your students engaged in learning. We’ve compiled a list of the best, most comprehensive online resources for K-12 teachers in all schools nationwide.



  • Best of History Websites: A history teacher’s dream, this EdTechTeacher.Org online resource is run by history education professionals with impressive credentials. They have provided an extensive, searchable database of lesson plans, materials, and links for history units on any time period.
  • K12 History Lessons and Courses: Straightforward and easy to use, this site offers history units for K-4 levels, as well as a variety of lesson plans that can be applied with your judgment to more advanced levels. The site has online consultants on-call at most times to answer your questions. Their lesson plans are sure to please teachers interested in providing interdisciplinary education through history.
  • K12 Language Arts/English: The holistic approach of K12’s Language Arts and English lesson plans attempts to engender student appreciation of literature while developing their literacy and writing skills. They offer lesson plans for K-5, including phonics, plans for intermediate levels and, for the upper levels, literary analysis and composition projects.
  • Lessons Plan Page: This easy-to-use site lets you select art lesson plans that fit any classroom level. They also offer a one-click print feature for convenience.
  • Sites for Teachers Language Arts: Online publishing is a fun and engaging way to get students excited about English lessons. Here you’ll find links to those programs along with tons of links to lesson plans, materials, ideas, and activities for language arts teachers.
  • Web English Teacher: From journalism to pronunciation to poetry to mythology, this site offers a promising selection of English lesson plans. You can also sign up for the free newsletter to get new classroom activities every week. Check out the blog for interesting wisdom from an experienced English educator.


  • CSUN Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies: At this site, provided by California State University, social studies teachers will find a long list of topics ranging from lesson plans and activities to classroom management advice. There are some gems here, like a guide to using primary resources for student research projects.
  • Discovery Education: This well-organized site offers a wide range of free classroom resources for science classrooms of all levels. They also highlight fun competitions that teachers can have students enter into to get them motivated during science project units.
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: The government’s resource site for teachers has an excellent selection of world studies resources and lesson plans. There is also a great section for language teachers, especially those who are teaching language from a cultural perspective.
  • Mr. Donn: Find free lesson plans, games, activities, maps, and more for social studies teachers at this site. The U.S. States section has a fun, free, informative PowerPoint presentation.
  • NASA’s Central Operation of Resources for Educators: Shoot for the stars and bring your students with you, with NASA’s selection of videos, slides, and other supplemental curriculum materials that will enhance your science lesson plans. The materials here are not free, but they are guaranteed to become essential parts of your science units.
  • Social Studies Sources: The University of Indiana’s social studies teachers’ page holds lesson plans, activities, and helpful information for K-12 teachers and students alike. They also provide links to other useful online resources for educators.


  • EDSiteMent: The site of the National Endowment for the Humanities is an excellent resource for lesson plans that bring together arts and culture, history, language, and more. The quality of content is very high here. You’ll also find fun features such as a “This Day in History” alert on the homepage.
  • National Education Association: This site promises to please teachers of all subjects with interdisciplinary lesson plans and materials. They have a rating system so you can see what other users have found useful. They also provide current content, such as lesson plans for Black History Month in February.
  • Smithsonian Education Web: At the central education website of the Smithsonian Institution, you’ll be able to search for reliable lesson plans for the arts, humanities, history, and more. There is a fun interactive feature for exploring climate change. They offer resources specifically tailored to meet any state’s standards.
  • The Educator’s Reference Desk: This is a comprehensive compilation of lesson plans for any subject and all levels. Search for lesson plans on everything from philosophy to physical education.
  • United Nations Cyber School Bus: In this globalized world, middle and high school teachers will find the UN’s educational resources to be indispensable. They have resources for teaching units on subjects such as human rights, peace, war, conflict, and security.


  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: The government’s resource site for teachers holds an amazing selection of downloadable primary documents from federal organizations, such as the Peace Corps and the Smithsonian, all free of charge. You can search through their database to see what’s there, and you can sign up for a weekly email that lets you know about newly added resources on the site.
  • K-12 Instructional Media Center: This is a one-stop website for your curriculum and professional development needs. Planning tools, multimedia creation advice and samples, international databases for any classroom subject, and much more can be found in this virtual space.
  • PBS Teacherline: Visual aids are vital for classrooms of any level. Here you can access television and online video content to fit any lesson plan. The site also offers, for a fee, digital media courses that teachers can do with their students to help them develop literacy and technology skills.
  • Sites For Teachers: Look here for a wealth of links to sites for lesson plans, worksheets, organizers, and more. Their sites are ranked in order of popularity so you can view what has worked for other educators.
  • Teachnology: It’s unique to be able to connect to other teachers and find materials in the same website like you can with this one. Also look for their “This Day in History” section, which will delight social studies and history educators.

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