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Master Gmail with these 52 Simple Shortcuts

Surely, as an educator, you have been using Google’s free e-mail service, GMail. But, have you mastered the use of the available shortcuts? Shortcuts can save you a lot of time with any application. Once you master these shortcuts, you will be a Gmail Jedi.

Until now, it’s been a mess trying to figure out which shortcuts to try out, what the capabilities are and how to enable or disable them. Nevertheless, thanks to Visualeks, we have this handy little graphic with 52 Gmail shortcuts to help us sift through them all. These shortcuts will empower you to spend less time composing emails and more time on the important stuff, like actually writing the email.

Do you know of any Gmail tricks that aren’t added on this visual below. Help out students and teachers by sharing your Gmail shortcuts in the comments below!

Gmail Shortcuts

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