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Architecture / Design

We’re continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.


This guide features some of the best Melbourne architecture of the past 10 years referenced by area and architect for the reader’s convenience. The professional profiles of the principals in the architectural practices are represented and a representative bibliography of published material on the work of the practices is also included


This is a Think Quest site and a very informative one, but you do have to overlook a few minor problems in grammar and such. Learn about the building (and sometimes the culture) of a half dozen early civilizations including Egyptian, Greek, and Aztec. The style is straightforward and should be easy for middle and even elementary school students to comprehend.


The site for the “City of the Future” in the Arizona desert; coverage of what’s going on in the community that combines ecology with energy-efficient living.


A resource for illustration, graphics, typography, signs, tradeshow display, printing, promotion, and marketing. Fascinating page with loads of helpful items, some of which are downloadable.


This beautiful magazine is presented here, with considerable style, as part of ArchitectsOnline.


Best Lego Castle Sets – Bricks N Studs Reviews
This is an awesome site made by a 12-year old boy. Lego has made quite a few
medieval castles sets that you can build for fun or for learning.

This is a great site, large but easy to use with the web site navigator. There are articles of interest to architects, home buyers, and students considering career choices.


Enertia sells kits, plans, and custom designs for solid wood homes using solar and geothermal properties to eliminate the need for other heating and cooling. It’s fascinating reading and includes many pictures, facts, figures, and a home owner’s diary of her building experience.


This site shares several resources, product reviews, and ideas for sustainable design and homebuilding. Solar power, energy efficient appliances, rainwater harvesting, heat pumps, solar hot water, and more.


firstVIEW is a professional fashion photography publication “providing access to tens of thousands of photos of the world’s top designers’ most recent collections.” Click on one of the dozens of designers. You’ll have to pay to view fashions on the runways now, but views of those that are in stores now are free.


This site offers a number of design and building-related chat rooms, as well as information in ten categories from art to trades.


Home page of lighting designer Kevan Shaw, based out of Scotland, but internationally known for his work. Site contains many interesting articles on Museum Lighting, Display Lighting, Rock and Roll Lighting and more.


A great interactive tour of Monticello, with the historical background of Thomas Jefferson’s day and scientific endeavors. This is a wonderful educational site, including such things as his recipes for muffins and ice cream and the written memories of his children and grandchildren.


Here you will find an example of Norman domestic architecture. In addition to views of Moyse’s Hall and information about it, there is a variety of other information including facts about the first hunters and British Tribal Kingdoms. Very interesting.


RASTRA is a building product made of recycled styrofoam and cement with additives. This site extols its virtues and offers technical and contact information. “The only limitation to building with RASTRA is in the mind of the designer/architect.”


This is a very comprehensive, attractive, and well-organized site dedicated to the castles of Wales. It lists more than 170 castles, many with pictures and one with a virtual tour, and includes historical information and a section on Welsh Abbeys. Complete with the Welsh language version!


A good site containing pictures of most of FLW’s works and designs. This is a great source of annotated links to other Wright sites and has some other architecture links as well.


Many architects who have studied the Great Pyramid contend that even with the wonders of modern technology, we could not build it today! No wonderful graphics, but this is a fascinating study of the ancient pyramid and its history.


Tsui prides itself on innovative design in everything from architecture(“with an eye for the economy and ecological preservation”) to clothing to city planning. Commercial site, but interesting and visually stimulating.


This site offers interviews with professors, professionals, and students in architecture and design, plus a chat area, a student portfolio page, books, related sites, student articles, and more. Be sure to check out the chatroom every Wednesday when architects and artists come online to “talk” to students.