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Top 50 Blogs for Zoology Students

Zoology students, whether working on a Bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree, will find these blogs an interesting source of news and information. These blogs range from the more general to specific, with some blogs discussing a particular type of animal or species. So if you want to learn a bit about paleontology, evolutionary biology, marine biology, or even something about animals that are not even proven to exist, then take a look at these 50 best blogs for zoology students.

General Zoology

These blogs feature animals, their behavior, and their place in the world.

  1. Tetrapod Zoology. While dinosaurs are a favorite of blogger Darren Naish, he often posts on a variety of four-legged animals as well as a few of the other types, too.
  2. Laura’s Animals/Wildlife Blog. From polar bears to lizards to sharks, this blog covers all types of animals and their habits, habitats, and more.
  3. The dodo blog. This blog is from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, an organization working to understand and rectify threats to the most endangered species.
  4. Animal Science Blog. From the evolutionary traits of blind cave scorpions to the origins of dogs to the reason why animal silk is so strong, this blog covers a wide range of animal science topics.
  5. The Thoughtful Animal. Animal cognition is the focus of this blog, with topics on the usual animals studied, such as dolphins and dogs, as well as animals not usually studied in this arena.
  6. Zooillogix. These two brothers with an affinity for zoology post here with everything from the serious to the silly.

Specific Types of Animals

From snails to birds to sea turtles, these blogs all feature a specific type of animal.

  1. Bug Girl’s Blog. This entomologist writes about bugs and the humans with whom they share space.
  2. Snail’s Tales. Snails aren’t the only topic covered here as they share the stage with insects and other creatures.
  3. Frog Matters. This blog from the Amphibian Ark educates the public on frogs and the significance of their existence and current demise.
  4. Penguinology. Penguins are the focus of this blog that looks at the past and present of this beloved creature.
  5. 10,000 Birds. These bloggers hope to see and post information about all 10,000 birds on the planet.
  6. Birdchick. Sharon Stiteler writes all about birds and birding on her blog.
  7. Notes From Kenya: MSU Hyena Research. MSU zoology student’s blog about their experience in the Holekamp Lab studying hyenas in Kenya.
  8. MonkSealMania. Scientists and supporters of the Hawaiian monk seal blog here to share information and news about this endangered seal.
  9. The Turtle Hospital. This blog is all about the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of sea turtles in the Florida Keys.


Prehistoric life and their living relatives are the main focus of these blogs.

  1. Dinochick Blogs. Stay current with all that is happening in the paleontology and geology world with the posts here.
  2. Chinleana. Get abstracts and more that feature late triassic paleontology.
  3. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings. Dave writes about dinosaurs as well as a few living animals as well as academia.
  4. Nologic. Read about research going on in the field paleontology with the information in this blog.
  5. Laelaps. Brian Switek is a paleontologist who blogs on animals, evolution, and more.
  6. The Ethical Paleontologist. This lecturer writes about the fun side of science here.
  7. Palaeoblog. Get your fill of both paleontology and pop culture with this popular blog.
  8. Paleo Errata. Jeffrey Martz is a vertebrate paleontologist who writes about dinosaurs, evolution, and more.
  9. Ediacaran. Chris Nedin blogs about Ediacaran and Early Cambrian paleontology from his former profession as a paleontologist.
  10. The Life of Madygen. This German scientist writes about fieldwork in the Madygen Basin and also features scientific papers of interest.

Evolutionary Biology

Study what others are saying about the field of evolutionary biology when you read these blogs.

  1. Pharyngula. Evolution and biology are just the tip of the iceberg here.
  2. The Glor Lab. The biologists blogging here are working in the field of evolutionary biology and frequently post on their research.
  3. Ad Hominin. Take a look at evolution through the eyes of a paleoanthropologist here.
  4. The Beagle Project Blog. The Beagle Project is an effort to rebuild Darwin’s boat and sail it around the world in order to educate on biodiversity and evolutionary biology. Read about the project on their blog.
  5. john hawks weblog. Started as a way to feature less popular topics in paleoanthropology and keep notes for research, this blog has evolved itself and now features stories and news about genetics, evolution, and other related topics.
  6. Blag Hag. This blog features everything from evolutionary biology to academia.
  7. Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution And Science. Study evolution alongside that of early humans and primates with the information in this blog.
  8. The Tree of Life. Jonathan A Eisen is an evolutionary biologist who writes about science and academia.
  9. Panda’s Thumb. Taking the side of pro-evolution, this blog delves into the science behind this strongly-debated topic.
  10. monkey’s uncle. Evolutionary biology, ecology, and more are featured here.
  11. Evolving Thoughts. This Australian scientists shares thoughts on evolution, science, and philosophy as they all combine.

Marine Biology

Dive into these blogs to learn the latest news and research happening in marine biology.

  1. The Quiet Pool. This fly fisherman decided to devote himself to conservation efforts of the wild salmon and trout of the north coast of Oregon.
  2. Whale of a ‘Purpose’. Jeanne writes about her passions of protecting the environment and the wild whales she watches.
  3. Carl Safina. Safina documents the changes occurring in the world’s oceans and the implications of those changes for both animals and humanity.
  4. A Sea Change. A retired history teacher travels the world to investigate what is happening to the oceans as they become acidified.
  5. Orca Watcher. Not only will you read about whales here, but other marine wildlife that catches this scientist’s attention.
  6. Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, & Sunsets. Rick MacPherson writes this blog in an effort to promote ocean biodiversity with news and updates on important occurrences.
  7. Deep-Sea News. These bloggers deliver deep-sea science news to the public through “the eyes of scientists.”
  8. BlueVoice Views. This blog is devoted to protecting dolphins and whales and the oceans in which they live.


Cryptozoology, or the study and search for unknown animals, can be fraught with unprofessional seekers, but these blogs feature scientists and informed amateurs studying everything from big cats on Britain to a bit of humor on serious topics.

  1. Still on The Track. This blog features information and news from the field of cryptozoology.
  2. The Natural Stuff – Big Cats. This blog features photos and information about big cats in Great Britain.
  3. Cryptomundo. This collaborative blog is written by some of the leaders of the cryptozoology field and features news, humor, and more on those most elusive animals suspected to roam the planet.
  4. ShukerNature. Dr. Karl Shuker is a zoologist renowned for his work in the field of cryptozoology and blogs here.
  5. Cryptozoology Online. Cryptozoology news is posted on this blog.
  6. Stan Courtney. Find out the latest research on everything Sasquatch. Check out his Indiegogo project “Sasquatch Listening Project”.

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