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An invention is defined as a new composition, device, or process that is derived from a pre-existing model or idea, or an independently conceived radical breakthrough. Inventions come in all different shapes and sizes, as do inventors. Some inventions end up being future goldmines, while others leave the inventor in more trouble than before.

Regardless of what your experiences with inventions and inventing has been, you’re in the right place. This list of approximately 100 great inventing blogs was created with hobbyists and professional inventors in mind. From legal information to inspiration, from fellow inventors to discussions of the latest inventions, these blogs cover it all.

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Our Fav FiveThe Rest of the Best

Our Fav Five

Blog INPEX: The Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX) is a unique trade show that showcases numerous inventions, new products, and innovations that are available to license, market, or manufacture. The INPEX blog is your source for the latest news and info about America’s largest invention trade show.

  • Why We Love It: INPEX is truly dedicated to helping your invention sell. From the info featured on the blog to the trade show itself, the team members at INPEX love seeing inventions and inventors prosper.
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Invention Addict: Invention Addict is the destination for inspiration, creativity, invention, and innovation. The blog is humorous and often makes light of some of the hurdles inventors face.

  • Why We Love It: This blog is funny! Considering the challenges and obstacles many inventors face, it’s helpful to have a chuckle every now and then. The blog will give you just that. And when you’re back in your serious mood, you can check out the other tabs on the website to for how tos, design help, and a free e-book.
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Invent Help: The Invent Help blog can assist you in trying to submit your inventions or new product ideas to the industry in an attempt to gain a good-faith review.

  • Why We Love It: This blog has an extremely welcoming and friendly aura. You can sense Invent Help’s employees’ enthusiasm for inventors as you read each post.
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Inventor Spot: Inventor Spot is a popular invention website that offers news and information about the latest inventions, innovations, and interesting ideas.

  • Why We Love It: Inventor Spot features a wealth of information for all types of inventions. If you need some inventing inspiration, this is the perfect site to visit.
  • Check This Out: This Smart Glass Takes the Heat for You

One Stop Invention Shop: Here you’ll find everything you need to know about getting your invention off the ground and onto the shelves.

  • Why We Love It: This blog is especially for amateur inventors who need some assistance marketing their products. From sales reps to finding funds for your invention to selling under a private-label agreement, this blog has all the information you need.
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The Rest of the Best

  1. 7innovation: Innovation, ideas, creativity, innovation culture, and trends are discussed on this blog, which is written by a man who deals with innovation management for a major corporation.
  2. Absolutely New Blog: The Absolutely New Blog contains info and ideas for inventive people.
  3. Adam McFarland: With the hope that more young people will consider entrepreneurship as a career choice, this blogger’s mission is to provide a candid look at what it’s like to be a young business owner. The blogger writes about everything from technology and programming to life balance and happiness.
  4. Amber Dawn’s Inventive Soul: Amber Dawn is an artistic inventor, and her blog showcases some of her creations as well as musings on a variety of other topics.
  5. Andrew Spriegel’s Blog: This blog is dedicated to helping you secure a profitable idea.
  6. App Inventor Blog: If you thought you could never invent something that other people would like to purchase, think again. This blog allows you to invent an application for Android phones and maybe even have it published in the Android market.
  7. AutoCAD Insider: The AutoCAD Insider is all about taking creation and design concepts to a whole new level.
  8. Between the Lines: This blog discusses all things Autodesk, AutoCAD, CAD — all three of which are software programs that help you transform one-dimensional invention drawings into two- and three-dimensional templates. It includes information about events, fun, visualization, and more.
  9. Biofriendly Blog: The people behind the Biofriendly Blog are dedicated to inventing products and services that will help reduce negative impacts on the Earth.
  10. Blogging Innovation: The mission of this blog is to make innovation and marketing insights accessible for the greater good.
  11. Blogtrepreneur: With its title derived from a combination of the words blog and entrepreneur, this blog has become a go-to guide and resource for business leaders, innovators, and inventors.
  12. Boing Boing: Boing Boing provides an in-depth analysis of technology, culture, and news, with a focus on gaps in the field of technology — these gaps are your chance to invent a product to fill them.
  13. BQF Innovation: The B.Q.F. — British Quality Foundation — discusses any items relating to creativity, suggestions, ideas, events, and putting innovation into action.
  14. Brad Ideas: This blog contains off-the-wall ideas, inventions, essays, and links from Brad Templeton.
  15. The Brand Show: The Brand Show is a weekly podcast for marketing professionals who crave ideas, insight and inspiration. Through expert interviews and company profiles, The Brand Show helps listeners transform their brands into marketable growth.
  16. CAD Professor: This blog supports Autodesk Inventor — a 3-D mechanical design software — and teaches you how to use the program for your invention.
  17. The Complete Innovator: The Complete Innovator offers ideas and best practices for innovation, collaboration, and social media.
  18. Creativity and Innovation: Creativity and Innovation provides the latest scientific research and successful management strategies for inventors.
  19. Creativity and Innovation Driving Business: Here you’ll find questions and answers with regard to generating, managing, and growing innovation and invention through proven processes.
  20. Davison Invention Blog: The Davison company is dedicated to putting more products on store shelves than any other company in history. The blog features product, innovation, and inventor news along with inventing advice.
  21. Douglas M. Gaus: Douglas M. Gaus provides all the latest in inventing, new products, and new technologies.
  22. East London Inventors Club Blog: The East London Inventors Club offers invention funding, news, and other opportunities for its club members.
  23. Edge of Marketing: Here you’ll find cutting-edge research on the latest and best marketing strategies.
  24. Edison Nation: Edison Nation is a safe place for inventors to discover opportunity and share “in the trenches” inventing stories from around the world. The blog also boasts that it is a great place to get your ideas in front of retailers and manufacturers.
  25. Endless Innovation: Endless Innovation is written by a blogger who has previously worked for American Express, Keneth Cole, and Time Warner.
  26. The Entrpreneur Blog: This blog provides practical business advice from a home-based inventor and Internet entrepreneur.
  27. Entrepreneur BlogSpace: This is an online forum and resource guide for entrepreneurs seeking early-stage venture capital and small-business investors.
  28. Entrepreneur Daily Dose: This blog offers a daily dose of great tools and resources for inventors and entrepreneurs with a limited budget.
  29. Entrepreneur Watch: Musings on Google,, interesting entrepreneurs, and other happenings in the technology community are all found on this blog.
  30. Freedom to Tinker: Indulge your freedom to understand, discuss, repair, and modify the technological devices you own.
  31. Front End of Innovation: Keep up with the latest inventions, innovations, start-up companies, and improvements to previously existing ideas and services.
  32. Gloria’s Green: Visit this blog to discover entertaining and original environmentally friendly ideas and inventions.
  33. Green Inventions Central: A blog that explores the intersection of innovation, creativity, social media, life management, and other cool stuff.
  34. Health Innovation Blog: This is a blog of innovations and inventions that advance personal and population health.
  35. I Did This and You Can Too: In a quest to reinvent her life, one woman shares all of her new ideas, products and habits on this blog. The all-natural recipes for shampoo, conditioner, window cleaner, and air freshener that she has invented are slowly but surely becoming more popular.
  36. I Have an Idea: A forum to get all of your inventing questions answered by experienced inventors and inventor-friendly service providers.
  37. Innovate on Purpose: A blog dedicated to ideas, conversations, and approaches for sustainable, repeatable innovation.
  38. The Innovation Blog: This blog is about making your innovation or invention work, regardless of what others tell you.
  39. Innovation Exchange: The vision for the Innovation Exchange is ambitious: to help companies of all shapes and sizes make green business the new business as usual. By providing access to valuable content, a suite of practical yet impactful tools, and a dynamic online community of peers, the Exchange can help you improve both your company and the planet.
  40. Innovation Net: Innovation Net provides practical advice on implementing open innovation business models and creating and managing external innovation networks.
  41. Innovation Weblog: The Innovation Weblog is a meta-index of the latest innovation trends, news, technology, resources, and viewpoints. Topics include innovation research and best practices and strategies, innovation management, business use of blogs for ideation and collaboration, and much more.
  42. In the Machine: In the Machine explores the intersection of invention, manufacturing, and product management.
  43. The Invent Vault: The Invent Vault provides a safe, ultra-secure way for you to store your most important inventing documents online, where they are backed up twice a day and locked up tight to prevent any unauthorized access. It’s a convenient way to dispense with those old-fashioned marble composition books that you’ve been using to store your inventing concepts and ideas.
  44. The Invent with Python Blog: The official blog of the “Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python” book. Visit the blog for more info and to catch news and updates about the book.
  45. Inventing My Life: Follow the story of one woman who, after turning 40, decided it was time for her to invent and reinvent every aspect of her life.
  46. Invention Addict: This blog is dedicated to inventors and their inventions. Posts cover topics such as how to be more creative, help with patents, cool and not-so-cool inventions, and inventor spotlights.
  47. Invention Help Blog: This blog details interesting inventions, ideas, and creativity tools the writer uses and has come across.
  48. Invention Ideas Blog: Invention ideas for modern inventors.
  49. Invention Resource International: Resources and news for inventors seeking to sell their product or idea to a global market.
  50. Inventive Creations: This blog keeps you up to date on the latest inventions and creations being marketed across the world.
  51. Inventive Step: A blog dedicated to the discussion of patent law issues and strategies pertaining to securing the intellectual property rights of an invention.
  52. Inventors Digest: This blog is dedicated to educating and inspiring independent and professional innovators by delivering cutting-edge information to help its readers succeed.
  53. The Inventor Lady: This blog is maintained by a woman who believes that inventing is habit forming, contagious, and has no cure. She works with inventors who constantly reinforce this belief with their continued success.
  54. The IP Kat: This blog is the go-to guide pertaining to the legal matters of your invention. The IP Kat covers patents, trademarks, information technology, and privacy/confidentiality issuses from a mainly European perspective.
  55. IP Watchdog: The IP Watchdog is the official intellectual property resource for the United Inventors Association. The blog provides a free, reliable, and easy-to-understand resource on intellectual property law and related topics, such as invention marketing.
  56. Ladies Who Launch: This is a site for women who have taken on entrepreneurship and creativity as a lifestyle.
  57. Leeds Inventors Group: Here you’ll find information, news, events, advice, and networking resources for inventors.
  58. Marketing for free: Once your invention is ready to be sold, you’ll have to determine the best way to market it. This blog offers the best ways to promote your business by utilizing free Internet tools and methods. Discussions include the changing characteristics of marketing and how personal inventors can reach the same audience as large corporations without the costs.
  59. The Market Research Event: Learn how to market your invention in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.
  60. Mary’s Inventors Blog: This blog is a collection of posts that cover pretty much anything and everything you can imagine regarding inventions, patents, and famous inventors.
  61. Micron Innovations Blog: If you love technology and the design and processes behind it, check out this blog, which is dedicated to inventing better solutions and solving more complex problems through better engineering.
  62. Mitchell’s Entrepreneurs Blog: Mitchell York, an entrepreneurial coach, shares business thoughts and ideas, addresses readers’ business questions, and posts information about awards, seminars, and events for business owners.
  63. Mom Invented: Established by a mother and inventor, Mom Invented is the official blog of Mom Inventors, Inc. The company is comprised of three key elements: consumer products with the Mom Invented brand, an informative online community providing interaction and inspiration, and educational offerings for women entreprenuers.
  64. The Mom Entrepreneur: The Mom Entrepreneur provides tips, advice, and resources for balancing motherhood and running a company.
  65. Mompreneurs Online: This is a one-stop work-at-home resource for entrepreneurial moms.
  66. Mothers of Invention: A mom shares her experiences marketing her invention while raising two small children and constantly inventing and re-inventing things for them.
  67. Next Big Design: Stay up to date on the latest product design, inventions, and improvements.
  68. Northern Europe Manufacturing Blog: This blog features product information, news, tips, and tricks from a team of mechanical and creative design engineers that covers 14 countries across Northern Europe.
  69. Open Innovation: This blog considers the theory and practice of open innovation by leading academic researchers in the field. The collection of posts and articles are geared towards academia, but there are some especially designed for the hobbyist innovator as well.
  70. Outside Innovation: This blog is the complement to the book “Outside Innovation,” written by Patty Seybold. It provides new ways to engage customers to co-design your company’s future.
  71. Passion for Innovation: The writer of this blog has a keen interest in new technologies and innovations. He writes about his opinions on technology innovations — primarily in the area of business software and services.
  72. Patently O: Patently O is a patent-law blog for those who are seeking to patent and/or sell their inventions.
  73. The Patent Search Blog: This blog takes a fairly light-hearted look at the world of inventions and how it interacts with business, the media, and patents.
  74. Petit Invention: This blog was created by a freelance designer to introduce his dream products and desktop wallpapers.
  75. Plan With Pizzazz: This blog is one of many featured on the Women Entrepreneur website. This particular blog focuses on incorporating your personal style into your business or invention.
  76. Principled Innovation: This blog teaches you how to get your invention off paper and into the hands of the one who needs it most. The blog’s catchphrase is “moving from imagination to impact.”
  77. PwC Innovation Blog: The aim of this blog is to accelerate innovation and invention by inspiring new ideas and reducing the barriers to their implementation.
  78. Real Inventive: The Real Inventive blog is a collaborative effort bringing together industry leaders in technology and real estate to provide readers with tips and tools that they can use to grow their business and market their inventions.
  79. Reflections on Innovation Topics: This is a blog about service innovation, creativity, social innovation, and a lot more!
  80. Securing Innovation: Securing Innovation offers posts about managing intellectual property, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.
  81. Startup Nation: Here you’ll find trends, tips, and real-life anecdotes from invention-industry experts.
  82. Teen Entrepreneur Blog: This blog takes a look at some of the best inventions and start ups created by teenagers.
  83. United Inventors Association: Each day this blog is updated with useful information designed to help inventors at all levels educate themselves about the process of inventing and product development.
  84. Women Inventor Marketplace: This is a blog that showcases some of the best inventions created by women.
  85. Working Naked: This site was created for home-based business owners and semi-professional to professional inventors. Here you’ll learn proven techniques to improve the way you work from home, including reviews of useful products, marketing and PR advice, and how-to videos.
  86. Young Entrepreneur: Young Entrepreneur is a must-visit resource for start-up CEOs, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and inventors.

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1 Comment

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