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2017's Top 50 EMS Blogs

Working in emergency medical services is often rewarding, but can also be very stressful. Thankfully, there are plenty of other people out there that can relate to your struggles and provide tips to help you through them.

We’ve collected here 50 great blogs for EMS students and professionals sure to be helpful, interesting, and informational. Subject matter ranges from personal experiences as EMS to important news in the medical field.

Our Favorite 5

  1. Burned-Out Medic: Written by an unnamed medic in a large metropolitan area, this humorous, revealing, and well-written blog collects stories about life as an emergency medic.
    • Why We Love It: The blog is extremely entertaining and oftentimes touching. It provides an excellent portrait of the life of a medic.
    • Favorite Post: Downtime
  2. EMS Haiku: This somewhat eccentric blog written by an EMT with 20 years of experience covers a wide range of posts. Included is everything from motivational EMT posters to haikus about being a paramedic to gripping EMS stories.
    • Why We Love It: The blog is cleanly designed and has a wide range of fun, informative, and interesting subject matter.
    • Favorite Post: EMS (De)Motivational Posters
  3. Everyday EMS Tips: This blog has a wealth of information for EMTs and paramedics and covers topics from equipment reviews to how to ask for a reference letter. It is written by paramedic Greg Friese and is packed with advice and knowledge.
  4. MedicCast: The MedicCast blog is an excellent resource for EMTs, paramedics, and others working in EMS. It is frequently updated with EMS stories, important news, and valuable tips, and even includes a weekly podcast.
  5. Paramedicine 101: This excellent blog examines the medical challenges and experiences encountered by paramedics and hosts in-depth posts on everything from the effectiveness of defibrillation to how to care for a stroke.
    • Why We Love It: The blog’s posts are readable, extremely informational, researched extensively and interesting.
    • Favorite Post: 2010 AHA Updates

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The Rest of the Best

  1. The Back of the Medic: This blog written by an EMT who is also a microbiologist and grandmother includes fascinating stories about working in EMS.
  2. BurningTiger – Reborn!: Written by a paramedic in New Orleans with a sharp sense of humor, this great blog details the day-to-day adventures he experiences in the field.
  3. Confessions of a Street Pharmacist: This often-updated blog covers a wide range of topics, from firsthand stories about being a paramedic to opinion pieces on handgun laws.
  4. A Day In The Life of An Ambulance Driver: This blog by a paramedic with 14 years of experience includes everything from funny EMT stories to lengthy opinion pieces on recent medical news.
  5. Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog: This interesting blog is written by Dr. Stephen Smith, an emergency physician. He collects together ECGs, or electrocardiographs, from around the nation and analyzes them. The blog is a great read for anyone interested in medicine and can be very useful for EMTs and paramedics.
  6. Dysphoric Mania: This blog by a medical student at Cambridge contains posts about medical news, such as the effectiveness of cardiac arrest drugs.
  7. East Coast EMT: The stories that can be found in this blog are wonderful little snapshots into the life of a typical EMT.
  8. The EMT Spot: The EMT Spot provides a compelling look into the life of an EMT and also offers recent news and research reports. Post content includes reasons for working in EMS and how to conquer fear.
  9. ER Stories: This blog is written by an emergency room doctor and contains stories from his many years on the job.
  10. The Fire Critic: This blog is aimed at providing fair and judicial evaluations of firemen and EMTs.
  11. Fit Responder: Created by Bryan Fass, this blog is focused on preparing those working in public safety for the rigors of their jobs. EMTs and paramedics can greatly benefit and increase their safety by following the tips and advice given here.
  12. flobach republic: A paramedic student reflects on the realm of pre-hospital care in this charming blog.
  13. From the newsroom to the ambulance: This blog is written by a journalist who wrote medical stories and then decided to become a paramedic. The stories related within are full of insights into the realm of EMS.
  14. Gomerville: The Gomerville blog, written by a paramedic and organ donor coordinator located in Kentucky, includes plenty of riveting EMS stories.
  15. Halbrook Associates: The excellent Halbrook blog focuses on topics relevant to emergency services training and exercise and also reports on recent news in the field.
  16. The Happy Medic: This blog was started by a paramedic as an outlet for the stresses of his work and contains a variety of posts related to EMS work. It is a great read and the posts encompass everything from equipment reviews to stories about death.
  17. InsomniacMedic: This blog by a paramedic based in London is funny and moving and is full of in-depth stories about his job.
  18. JERAMEDIC: The easily read JERAMEDIC blog contains everything from EMS news to tips on how to reconcile technology with common sense. It’s a great read with informational posts.
  19. Just My Blog: A rookie in the EMS world relates his personal experiences and stories in this highly readable blog.
  20. Licensed to ill: A German paramedic and fire/EMS dispatcher relates in this blog his experiences on the streets, such as when he worked the scene of a downed beachcraft.
  21. A Life In The Day Of A Basics Doc: Basics doctors provide medical care at the roadside. This blog relates the experiences of one of these doctors working in the southeast United Kingdom.
  22. Life Under the Lights: Life Under the Lights contains lengthy, informative posts on the EMS lifestyle. Post content ranges from the responsibilities of police car drivers to how and when EMS should improvise.
  23. Looking Through a Pair of Pink Trauma Shears: This blog written by a female paramedic has posts addressing everything from the pressures of taking EMT tests to how it feels to attend paramedic memorials.
  24. MaddogMedic: This blog is written by a former network administrator who decided he wanted to be a paramedic. It chronicles his schooling in the field and his work as an EMT.
  25. Meat in The Seat: This blog provides a snapshot of EMS work in the southern United States.
  26. medicTHREE: medicTHREE is maintained by a husband, father, and paramedic and contains gripping stories about and useful advice on how to work in EMS.
  27. Mobile Intensive Prayer Unit: This blog written by a paramedic offers a religious focus on EMS work. The author reflects on his work through a spiritual lens.
  28. Msparamedic’s Musings: This blog written by a paramedic stationed in the South for a small private service contains stories about EMS that are written clearly and conversationally.
  29. Nee Naw: Nee Naw features interesting stories about life in the London Ambulance Service control room.
  30. Notes from Mosquito Hill: This well-written blog contains EMS stories from the Boston area often illustrated by lively photographs.
  31. The Nursing Show: This blog is home to the Nursing Show podcast, a great resource for nursing news by nurses.
  32. The Paramedic’s Diary: The Paramedic’s Diary records the daily experiences of a paramedic working in the London Ambulance service. The EMS stories contained within are written sharply.
  33. Pink Warm and Dry: This blog by an aspiring paramedic relates her experiences at school and work in a witty, engaging tone.
  34. Raindogblue: Raindogblue is a blog whose author uses poetry to reflect on his life in EMS. The poems are witty, touching, and always interesting.
  35. Ramblings of a Tassie Paramedic: This blog, created by a paramedic working for Ambulance Tasmania, was created for its author to deal with the stresses of the job. The posts featured provide a vibrant portrait of EMS in Australia.
  36. Random Acts of Reality: Random Acts of Reality is written by an EMT working for the London Ambulance Service. Included are great, gritty snapshots of life in EMS.
  37. Rescuing Providence: This blog by Michael Morse details life as an EMT in Providence and contains detailed posts about emergency work.
  38. Rogue Medic: The Rogue Medic blog is regularly updated and includes everything from inspirational quotes to funny stories about EMS.
  39. Siren Voices: This blog was created as a record of the people and situations encountered by the author while working as an EMT in the United Kingdom.
  40. Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic: This blog by a paramedic and author conveys recent EMS news and street-level stories and contains quality writing.
  41. Tactical Pants Blog: The Tactical Pants Blog takes a cheery approach to covering the latest news in the law enforcement and public safety industries. Content included ranges from tactical pant reviews to interviews with EMTs.
  42. Too Old to Work, Too Young to Retire: This blog written by a paramedic with plenty of job experience offers an opinionated voice on issues that concern EMS.
  43. Trauma Queen: The stories covered in this EMS blog are touching and often accompanied by original photographs.
  44. Uncompromised Airways: Uncompromised Airways, written by a nurse working in neonatal intensive care, is a great blog that presents a different side of EMS.
  45. You Called 911 For What?!: This lighthearted blog serves as a repository for stories about ridiculous, unusual, and funny emergency response calls.

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