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Top 50 TV Blogs

These days, half the fun of watching a TV show is interacting with other fans through a variety of blogs devoted to everything from celebrity news to pop culture and in-depth analysis. The blogs on this list are invaluable resources for TV fans, whether you want to read about emerging technology or revel in a sarcastic take-down of a trashy reality show. Take a break from studying for your degree and catch up with these blogs about the best and worst the tube has to offer.


These blogs are all about the hardware, from high-def sets to set-top boxes.

  1. CNET TV Blog: Part of the sprawling CNET empire, this blog offers the latest news about developing technologies. Recommended post: Is This TV Overcompensating?.
  2. NewTeeVee: Tons of great articles about the newest happenings in tech, as well as smart analysis of trends and programs. Recommended posts: 10 More Sites for Free and Legal Torrents and Google to Open-Source VP8 for HTML5 Video.
  3. Lost Remote: The blog’s tagline is “In search of the future of local news,” and it focuses on the convergence of journalism and new media. Recommended posts: Facebook location sharing could impact local advertising and SXSW: Social media marketing for business.
  4. PlayOn Blog: Get up-to-date info about emerging tech at this blog from PlayOn, a service that uses your video game console to stream content to your TV. Recommended post: What It Took For Me To Cut The Cable.

Industry News and Gossip

These blogs cover the TV biz from top to bottom, reporting on breaking news and rumors with equal fervor.

  1. TV Squad: This AOL-owned blog is a wonderful resource for photos and news, as well as deeper features. Recommended posts: David Letterman Forces Regis Philbin to Eat Seafood (VIDEO) and Pilot Watch: ‘$#*! My Dad Says’.
  2. The Live Feed: TV reporter James Hibberd of The Hollywood Reporter is the main voice at this blog, which has breaking news and in-depth examinations of Nielsen ratings. Recommended posts: Q&A: ‘Lost’ producers discuss emotional final season and Super Bowl dethrones ‘M*A*S*H,’ sets all-time record!.
  3. On the Air: Variety, another Hollywood trade newspaper, is the force behind this TV blog, which alternates between news stories and solid opinion pieces. Recommended posts: Clock winds down on “24”: Kiefer and company close to calling it a day and Conan’s farewell, part one: The last monologue.
  4. Live: The TV Blog: An expectedly high-drama but fun blog from the New York Post. Recommended posts: The Situation to debut all-new couture clothing line and What you didn’t see on ‘Survivor’.
  5. Guardian’s TV and Radio Blog: The blog of this British newspaper is a great way to stay abreast of what’s happening across the pond, as well as see how American series play to foreign audiences. Recommended posts: 30 top apps from Shakespeare to South Park and Six to watch: female-led sitcoms.
  6. Reality Blurred: Devoted to all things reality, this blog is a necessary read for fans of competition and documentary shows. Recommended posts: Forbes’ most powerful: Cowell ($80 million), DeGeneres ($55m), Trump ($50m), Seacrest ($41m), Klum ($16m) and Reality shows kids usually unprotected by child labor laws due to lack of rules, confusion.
  7. TV Newser: Owned by Media Bistro, TV Newser offers tons of stats for TV junkies who want to know all about the business side of the industry. Recommended posts: Q2 2010 Ratings: Fox News Has Top 13 Programs on Cable News and Variety’sLowry: TV News Embracing the ‘Wackadoodle Demographic’.
  8. Media Decoder: This New York Times blog is a fantastic way to stay current on what’s happening in the media industry. Regular round-ups of helpful links make it a good one to bookmark. Recommended posts: Update: An Uncertain Future for Movie Futures and Better Days Ahead for Branded Entertainment, Report Says.
  9. Screen Junkies: Quick posts, funny write-ups, and dependable news. Another great resource for fans of all stripes. Recommended post: 15 Most Awkward Michael Scott Moments.
  10. The Ausiello Files: Entertainment Weekly‘s Matt Ausiello posts plenty of news and gossip to keep TV fans happy. Recommended posts: Steve Carell on ‘Office’ exit: ‘It’s a good time to move on’ and Exclusive First Look: How ‘Lost’ should have ended.
  11. BestWeekEver.TV: Although the TV series that spawned it is no longer around, this VH1 blog is a snarky and hilarious resource for news and humor about all that’s happening the TV world. Recommended posts: The Best and Worst Moments of the 82nd Academy Awards and Who Are Hollywood’s Oddest Couples?.
  12. TV Fanatic: A high-quality blog with plenty of news and recaps, with an emphasis on pop culture shows. Recommended posts: Louie Review: Unique, Ridiculous, Utterly Hilarious and Psych Spoilers: Season Premiere Scoop!.
  13. Deadline Hollywood: It’s a good idea to take some of Nikki Finke’s posts with a hearty grain of salt, but still, if you’re looking for industry dirt, this is the place to go. Recommended post: TV Broadcast vs Cable: Enough Ad Dollars?.
  14. Gawker TV: Gawker’s got a wide array of sites devoted to multiple issues (tech, sports, gaming, etc.), and their TV blog offers their trademark quick wit and high snark content. Recommended posts: The Late Night War Reaches Its Boiling Point: All the Clips You Missed and The Jon Stewart Clip That Will Make Glenn Beck Cry Real Tears.
  15. Spoiler TV: Don’t wanna wait until a TV show actually airs to know what happens? Swing by this site to learn the latest spoilers before everyone else. Recommended posts: White Collar – Early Impressions of Season 2 and a Set Visit report and V – Season 2 Filming Start Date and Elizabeth Mitchell Interview.
  16. Show Tracker: The Los Angeles Times gets into the game with this strong blog that includes links to staff Twitter accounts. Recommended posts: Fox News yanks Sean Hannity from Cincinnati Tea Party rally he was set to star in and ‘Rescue Me:’ We make the Jacksons look like the Osmonds.
  17. TV Crunch: Part of PopCrunch, this blog mixes standard news and humor posts with some steamier pictorials. Recommended posts: The 25 Worst Sitcoms Ever and 25 Greatest Game Shows of All Time.
  18. The TV Addict: A great all-purpose blog, especially if you’re looking for celeb tidbits and photos.
  19. Hulu Blog: A great place to get interviews with stars who’ve got new or returning series to promote. Plus you can stay in the loop on the latest Hulu developments.
  20. Fancast: News, features, and celebrity stories make this one of the more popular TV blogs going today.
  21. Zap 2 News & Buzz: A fun and light-hearted TV blog with a love for pop culture from the folks at Zap2It.
  22. Popwatch: General coverage of network and cable happenings from Entertainment Weekly.

Criticism and Commentary

The blogs in this area offer incisive commentary and analysis on a variety of shows, and they’re hosted by outlets ranging from magazines and newspapers to growing online communities.

  1. Television Without Pity: Still one of the biggest and best in the business, TWOP offers hilarious and lengthy recaps of a variety of series. Recommended posts: Toy Story 3: Other Kids’ Cartoons That Made Us Cry and The Office: Michael Scott’s Best & Worst Career Moves.
  2. Austin 360 TV Blog: The TV blog for the Austin American-Statesman, offering reviews and news. Recommended posts: Futurama returns! Here are my five favorite episodes and Meet ‘FNL’ extra Loriann Zello.
  3. What’s Alan Watching?: Alan Sepinwall is one of the smartest critics working today, and his blog at Hitfix offers funny and incisive reviews of new and classic TV series. A must-read. Recommended posts: Interview: ‘Treme’ co-creator David Simon post-mortems season one andInterview: ‘Breaking Bad’ creator Vince Gilligan post-mortems season three.
  4. Tim Goodman: The Bastard Machine: The Hollywood Reporter‘s Tim Goodman pulls no punches in this hilarious blog that captures his rants and raves. Recommended blog: TV Talk Machine podcast: “The Pacific,” “Breaking Bad,” etc., plus pointless rambling, bad impressions and anger. and “Lost” Spoiled Bastard. “The End.”
  5. Tuned In: James Poniewozik of Time runs this blog, where he writes with passion and intelligence about the major series of the day. Recommended posts: Stewart and O’Reilly: Taking on Fox News, on Fox News and Vacation Robo- Post: The 10 Worst TV Shows of 2009.
  6. EW’s TV Recaps: Recaps of major series from staffers at Entertainment Weekly. More fun than actually watching some shows. Recommended post: ‘Deadliest Catch’ recap: News of Phil’s stroke reaches the fleet.
  7. Ken Tucker’s TV: Tons of great recaps and reviews from EW‘s Ken Tucker. Recommended posts: ‘Entourage’ season premiere review: Enjoyably desperate? and Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon and ‘the spaghetti that ended the late-night wars.’
  8. TVGasm : Heavy on the sarcasm, this blog has plenty of quick- witted recaps and reviews, as well as the latest casting and production news. Recommended posts: Persons Unknown: Expect the Unexpected and Bethenny Getting Married? I Laughed, I Cried.
  9. We Love TV: This blog out of the Star News in Wilmington, North Carolina, is run by a pair of passionate TV fans dedicated to talking about the best and worst across the dial. Recommended posts: “Undercover Boss” is little more than corporate schmaltz and Who’s the hottest actor, actress on TV?.
  10. The A.V. Club: This media-focused spinoff of The Onion brings the same sardonic, intelligent edge to TV coverage, with everything from news and reviews to blogs about classic TV series that recap older shows one episode at a time. Indispensable. Recommended posts: A Very Special Episode: Barney Miller, “Quarantine, Pts. 1 & 2” and What We Can Learn from the Trailer for Jersey Shore 2: We’re All Going Down
  11. TV Worth Watching: This is the excellent blog of long-time critic David Bianculli, the critic for NPR’s Fresh Air. Recommended posts: Powerful FX Two-Punch: “Rescue Me” Returns, Louis C.K. Regroups and Check Out — Or Check Into — ABC’s “Boston Med” Documentary Series.
  12. Beliefnet: A probing look at spirituality and faith on TV. Recommended posts: Quiz: Great TV and Movie Fathers and Top Spiritual Moments on ‘Lost’.
  13. Black Voices: This AOL-owned site focuses on black entertainers. Recommended posts: Alfre Woodard Talks ‘Memphis Beat’ and Terry Crews: Former Gridiron Athlete Finds Success on Screen.
  14. The TV Paige: Paige Wiser is the TV critic at the Chicago Sun-Times, and this blog follows her reviews, columns, and Twitter updates, as well as handy news round-ups. Recommended posts: TV Review: NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ and TV review: TV Land’s ‘Hot in Cleveland’.
  15. Show Patrol: This Chicago Now blog offers fantastic national coverage as well as features and interviews tied to local celebrities. Recommended posts: Exclusive: How Jimmy Kimmel pulled off ‘Handsome Men’s Club’ and My complete reversal: Hulu Plus a good viewing option.
  16. Just TV: This high-quality blog is run by Jason Mittell, a professor at Middlebury College who teaches courses on culture and the media. (He recently wrapped a course built around HBO’s fantastic “The Wire.”) Recommended posts: Serial Boxes and “The Wire” in the context of American television.
  17. Christian Science Monitor: Another solid source of incisive commentary. Recommended posts: Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs: How real is reality TV?.
  18. <Times Union Television: Based in Albany, New York, the Times Union operates a smart blog that balances TV news with smart columnists. Recommended post: Ultimate reviews: My kids and I look at the new ‘Ben 10’ and ‘Generator Rex’.
  19. Mediaite : A relatively young site, Mediaite covers every inch of TV and online culture, complete with changing power rankings for major players. Recommended posts: NBC’s Chuck Todd Blasts “Drudge Driven Journalism” and Shocker: Larry King’s Announcement Show Rates Well With Older Viewers Only.

Specific TV Series

Here are a few blogs devoted to certain shows and the activities of the cast and crew, even if the show’s no longer in production. (This is, of course, but a random sampling of this type of blog; if your favorite show isn’t represented here, there are probably blogs about it just a Google search away.)

  1. Galactica Sitrep: This blog about SyFy’s modern spin on “Battlestar Galactica” drew praise from all corners of the web for its attention to detail. Even though the show ended in 2009, this blog posts regular news about cast members as well as other genre shows. Recommended posts:Unfinished Business: an interview with Michael Taylor and “The Heart of the Female Warrior” – A Sitrep Interview with Mary McDonnell.
  2. FringeBloggers: All about Fox’s sci-fi/mystery show “Fringe,” complete with links to news stories and videos. Recommended post: The ‘Fringe Unlocked’ Series – Part 1: The Man Behind The Mirror.
  3. Doctor Who Blog: A comprehensive blog devoted to cult sci-fi hit “Doctor Who.” Recommended post: Adventures in time and space (just not outside the UK) .
  4. Hills Freak: This blog follows story news and real-life sightings of members of MTV’s docu-soap “The Hills.” Recommended post: Heidi Montag: Obsessed With Being Perfect.
  5. Loving True Blood in Dallas: A highly detailed blog about HBO’s sexy vampire series, with episode recaps and links to news stories. Recommended posts: Anna Paquin Vamps It Up at Costume Designers Guild Awards and BBC talks to Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood ‘gets weird very fast’.
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