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Top 50 Blogs for Early Childhood Educators

Working with young children can be challenging and rewarding. Watching young minds open up to the experiences set before them is a thing of wonder that you, as an early childhood educator, get to experience on a daily basis. After leaving your job at the end of the day, it can be tough to find enough time to devote to keeping your classroom fresh and exciting or just to stay updated with the latest news related to your field. This list of blogs will help expand your education as you head straight to the best information from others who share your passion for educating young minds.

For and from Educators

Read through these blogs to find information from other educators as well as information specifically designed for early childhood teachers.

  1. Teacher Tom. This dedicated preschool teacher shares his experience on this blog.
  2. Kaplan Early Learning Company. Read about topics such as sanitizing the classroom, after-school programs, and learning a new language here.
  3. Centers and Circle Time. Find great articles on topics such as helping children learn to swing and reusing materials for lessons.
  4. Preschool Playbook. With 20 years of experience, this teacher is sure to have plenty to share on her blog.
  5. Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School. The blog from this school offers tips and insight for both preschool educators and parents.
  6. Teaching to Dream. This preschool teacher shares her experience as well as the joys of working with young children in her blog.
  7. Topics in Early Childhood Education. Working in ECE for over 30 years, John Funk has plenty to share about activities and what they impart to young children on this blog.
  8. Elbows, Knees, Dreams. This preschool teacher at a public school shares the ups and downs of the profession.
  9. preschool daze. Find out what is going on in this preschool through the director’s blog.
  10. Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. This veteran preschool teacher shares plenty of fun going on at her school.
  11. Excellence in Early Childhood Education. Preschool teachers will appreciate these blog posts that share ideas and information about teaching young students.


These blogs come from both those working outside the home and at home with their own children using the Montessori method.

  1. My Montessori Journey. Get tons of great ideas to incorporate in your Montessori classroom on this blog.
  2. Our Worldwide Classroom. This mom is homeschooling her three young children using the Montessori method.
  3. Confessions of a Montessori Mom. After teaching Montessori for 20 years, this mom now uses her expertise with her own young son at home.
  4. The Moveable Alphabet. This blog is written by a Montessori Primary Directress and is a great resource for Montessori educators.
  5. Montessori Free Fall. Find a ton of great Montessori resources from this mom using the method in her home.
  6. Montessori Matters. Learn about Montessori theory and philosophy as practiced by this educator.
  7. Montessori Beginnings. This mom is studying about and implementing the Montessori method to use with her young daughter.


Educators are sure to find a wealth of great ideas from these homeschooling families working with their young children.

  1. Childhood 101. Written by a mom who is also an early childhood educator, this blog provides tons of great ideas for educating young children at home.
  2. 1+1+1=1. This former kindergarten teacher homeschools her young family while they are doing mission work in “inner city America.”
  3. ABC and 123. Written by two educator-moms who are staying home with their children now, this blog is full of great ideas to promote learning for those teaching their children at home.
  4. Adventures in Mommydom. Mom to three preschoolers, this blogger shares their adventures in learning here.
  5. The Work of Childhood. This mom is homeschooling her preschool son and shares their work together.
  6. Because Babies Grow Up. See what this mom and her two young daughters are doing in their pursuit of fun and education.
  7. Counting Coconuts. Find out what this mom and her 3 year-old son are up to when you follow this blog.
  8. The Wonder Years. With a professional background in traditional education and the Montessori method, this mom is now learning about the Waldorf philosophy and uses a variety of techniques at home.
  9. Tired, Need Sleep. This mom shares plenty of great resources used in her preschooling, homeschooling experience.
  10. United Teaching. This blog is full of pictures and ideas for homeschooling young children and draws off ideas from Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and other teaching philosophies.
  11. ABC Home Preschool. The lessons here cover topics such as recognizing all types of families and teaching charity to children as well as more practical lessons such as learning the days of the week.
  12. The Smarter Preschooler Blog. This blog has posts on topics such as creating a gifted reader and avoiding preschooler obesity.

Policy and News

Keep up with the latest news and policy issues surrounding early childhood education with these blogs.

  1. WECA Advocates in Action. This blog focuses on policy related to early childhood education and care.
  2. Eduwonk. This popular blog touches on all aspects of education policy, including early childhood education.
  3. Hatch. Written by an expert in the field of ECE, this blog covers topics related to health and education of young children.
  4. Childhood and Education. Keep up with the latest news reports and information on early childhood care and education with this blog.
  5. Lead From The Start. Get a glimpse into the politics and policy of early education here.
  6. The Tulsa Initiative Blog. Read about the work being done in this initiative that provides education and resources for low-income families with young children.
  7. Early Childhood. Keep up with the latest policy issues in ECE when you read this collaborative blog.
  8. Public School Insights. Discover what is working well in public schools when you read this blog.
  9. To Early Childhood. This North Carolina initiative looks at policy and issues surrounding early childhood education.
  10. Early Stories. This blog shares news and explores issues important to early childhood education.
  11. Early Ed Watch. Read this blog from New America’s Early Education Initiative that promotes high quality education for children from birth through age 8.


If you need fresh ideas for your classroom, check out these blogs that are chock full of resources.

  1. Pre-K Pages. Teachers will find the printables and giveaways featured here to be a big help in keeping their material fresh.
  2. Teach Preschool. This blog covers tons of relevant topics such as building communication with parents, making art with toddlers, and resources for the classroom.
  3. Pre Kinders. Find tons of resources here, with some recent posts including making glue, iPod apps for preschool, and seasonal lessons.
  4. irresistible ideas for play based learning. This blog provides tons of great ideas to help support play-based learning in the early childhood classroom.
  5. Urban Preschool. The resources here will have you and your young charges exploring way beyond the classroom walls.
  6. I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!. This blog is all about outdoor learning and is full of great ways to enhance that experience for children of all ages.
  7. TeachKidsArt. This art teacher shares great ideas and instructions on implementing them that can be used with children of varying ages and ability levels.
  8. Bakers and Astronauts. This blog shares projects and crafts that stimulate the curiosity and creativity of preschoolers.
  9. Megan Power Grades PreK-K. This blog from Scholastic explores great ideas for younger learners.




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