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50 Blogs for Post Graduation Survival

You’re fresh out of college, ready (or not quite) to face the “real world.”

Some of you already have jobs and are packing to move to a new apartment, but don’t quite know how to balance a budget or establish good credit. Some of you are very financially literate but need to find a job to stay financially afloat. And others need advice on everything about post-college life in general.

Find out everything you need to know from the blogs listed below.

Job HuntingCareer AdviceLife After GraduationEntrepreneurshipFreelancingFinancesHousing

Job Hunting

  • Career Alley – This blog offers information on how to stay organized during job searches, how to highlight certain entries on resumes, how to utilize social media to land a job, and more.
  • College Recruiter Blog – In addition to general career advice articles, this blog has a job board with full-time job and internship listings.
  • Evil HR Lady – Suzanne Lucas answers all the questions you have about job hunting and dealing with the seemingly impossible people in Human Resources.
  • Highere – This blog deals with every aspect of the job search – tips on how to form an excellent resume, how to land a job, and how to keep the job and succeed in the workplace.

Career Advice

  • 50 Career Success Tactics – This blog offers lists of tips on job promotions, tactics on managing an evaluation, speaking in public, making one’s job recession-proof, and other topics.
  • Awesome & Unemployed – Stefanie offers great advice on how to find a job and other career-related concerns after overcoming unemployment after graduation.
  • Carpe Diem – Mark Perry, a professor at the University of Michigan, offers data and advice on the economic situation and the competition in today’s job market.
  • College, Career, Life – This blog concentrates on the job and hiring trends, what types of jobs are right for particular personalities and degrees, and other similar topics.
  • Grad to Great – Career management coaches Anne Brown and Beth Zefo post about ways to ‘achieve and sustain career success’ before and after graduation and while working.
  • Lindsey Pollak – Lindsey Pollak, the author of Getting from College to Career, offers various pieces of advice from recruiter interviews and book recommendations for young professionals to meal etiquette for job seekers.
  • Modite – Rebecca Thorman offers general job-seeking, career, and life advice.
  • Movin’ On Up – Tiffany, and Jennifer offer their insights on resumes, how to fit in at the workplace, what to do after an interview, rules of thumb during a typical workday, and much more.

Life after Graduation

  • The Digerati Life – Many posts on this blog deal with personal finances, but other posts include random life tips from different ways to cook rice, finding cheap ways to exercise, and supplementing earnings by finding legitimate online surveys.
  • Graduated and Clueless – Jeff Sanders is a writer, entrepreneur and organization guru who posts on a wide range of topics on this blog, anything from making ‘green smoothies’ to surviving large unexpected expenses.
  • Green Panda Tree House – The Green Panda blog focuses primarily on personal finance for the 20’s issues, but there is a healthy dose of general life advice and tips in the mix.
  • The Mad Grad – In addition to posts about life in the real world, bloggers Ashley and Jenny also write posts about bucket lists (both the serious type and the fun type), how to get into the post-college mindset, how to say no, and other topics.
  • Newly Corporate – This blog offers suggestions and advice on various life after graduation topics, a small selection of which include working weekends, financial planning, staying fit and engagement ring buying tips.
  • Practical Tips for Young Urban Professionals – This site offers advice on how to find a job in general and among other topics, how to deal with a bad boss, signs you might lose your job, and what not to do during interviews.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Blogtrepreneur – Matthew and Adam Toren post regularly on tips related to blogging and business ventures, including but not limited to in-depth marketing, advertising, public relations, small business research, and social media.
  • Cool Business Ideas – This Singapore-based blog amasses all the newest innovations and business ideas in general from around the world.
  • Dorm Room Biz – Chris Pund’s blog covers a variety of subjects including business and marketing ideas, blogging, success stories, and entrepreneurship in general. Pund currently runs an eBay store and a website development business.
  • Escape from Cubicle Nation – Pamela Slim offers her wisdom on how to find a true calling by offering ideas on how to find a new perspective in life and in terms of finding the ideal career.
  • Marketing/Strategy Innovation – The focus of this blog is to bring social trends to the forefront, particularly sources of possible new opportunities to make profits and market products.
  • Post Advertising – When you need to start advertising yourself or your product, this blog will offer important insights on what works and what doesn’t in terms of advertising and marketing, especially from a social media perspective.
  • Startable – Prasad Thammineni and Healy Jones created the blog, and offer their entrepreneurial and venture capitalist perspectives and advice on starting new business ventures.
  • Young Successful Entrepreneur – Jun Loayza is the owner of this blog on which the posts are divided into four main categories – startup tips, love & dating (while being an entrepreneur), startup life and interviews (with other successful young entrepreneurs).
  • Undergrad Entrepreneur – Peter Kao is a budding entrepreneur who posts on a variety of different topics related to ways of establishing business ventures.

Work from Home/Freelancing

  • JuniorBiz – Nick Tart, the founder of this blog, came up with the idea for this site – a business that teaches about business. The site has profiles of young entrepreneurs, their ingenious business ideas and how they were brought to fruition.
  • Why Do Work – If you need a source for legitimate work-from-home jobs, this site is a good place to look. It also offers information on work from home scams that exist.
  • The Work At Home Blog – Many posts on this blog concentrate on how individuals can find paid gigs blogging or other types of freelance writing.
  • Work From Home – This site provides strategies and sources from which subscribers and viewers can become successful work-at-homers – examples include how to establish an online identity with social media connections, how to be productive at home, support for various types of individuals who do work from home, etc.

Managing Finances

  • 20 Something Finance – This blog provides ideas and advice on how to start investing as soon as possible and what types of investments to evaluate and adopt.
  • Amateur Asset Allocator – Kyle from Atlanta, Georgia posts about ways to attain financial independence. The blog concentrates on posts related to ‘all things finance, investing, frugality, and the economy’.
  • Being Frugal – Lynnae McCoy writes about the importance of documenting and making plans for the money and how to create an effective budget.
  • Broke Grad – This site has posts primarily about smart ways to invest money, ways people out in the world are making money in odd ways, and how to make money online (and avoid scams). The blogger is a graduate who owed $22,000 upon graduating and has a ‘progress’ meter on the side of the blog showing how much of the loans have been paid back.
  • Budgets are $exy – The owner of the blog, ‘J Money’, offers advice on formulating a budget, making an emergency fund, and how to live minimally.
  • Cash Money Life – This blog is not specifically geared toward the right-out-of-college, but it still offers invaluable information for college graduates aiming to acquire real estate, deal with investment professionals in the near future, and other personal finance issues.
  • Finance for a Freelance Life – Mrs. Micah began this blog to come to terms with her student loan, car, and credit card debts and to explore the many facets of financial planning. On the blog, she posts about freelancing, budgeting, information on scams, car insurance from Costco, and managing debt.
  • Financial Samurai – Posts on this blog attempt to provide as much information as possible on various investment options and how to achieve the earliest possible retirement.
  • Free Money Finance – This site offers advice you may not already know about banks and types of investments, and how to utilize this knowledge to keep your finances intact and grow them as much as possible.
  • The Frugal Duchess – Sharon Rosenberg posts about how to eliminate unnecessary spending, find money leaks, and general ways to live on a budget.
  • Grad Money Matters – This blog offers information on how to live frugally and get out of debt – it also offers a wealth of other advice articles on personal finances.
  • I Will Teach You to be Rich – Ramit Sethi, the blog author, is an NYTimes bestseller of the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich, co-founder of PBWiki (now PBWorks), and graduate of Stanford University. His blog covers topics like personal finances and marketing, gives advice and suggestions and debunks myths of investing.
  • Money Smart Life – This blog’s posts span a large variety of personal finance topics, like evaluating credit cards and tips on how to stay out of debt, among others.
  • Money Smarts – The main categories of this blog include personal finance, investing, baby finances, scams and frauds, and real estate. Some of Mike and Mr. Cheap’s latest posts deal with traveling on a budget and renting versus buying.
  • Poorer Than You – Stephanie offers advice for recent graduates who want to be rich someday but don’t know how to go about it, have student loans that need to be paid off as soon as possible, don’t really know their net worth, and don’t want to struggle with finances in the future.
  • The Simple Dollar – Trent Hamm started this blog to educate individuals who are fighting debt, have poor spending habits, and want to reestablish their financial security simply and still have some extra spending money after everything.
  • Studenomics – This blog offers information about how to make educated financial decisions, get out of debt, and how to make wise career choices.


  • My First Apartment – This site offers advice on how to find a perfect apartment, roommates, how to budget, how to furnish the place and anything else you can think of that would be relevant.
  • My New Place – Matt DiChiara offers advice on how to post an ad that will attract a good roommate, finding alternative housing like couch-surfing and other topics.
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