Police Officer Salary

Becoming a police officer is one of the best career choices for someone who wants to earn a solid salary while helping and protecting their community.

The size of the jurisdiction and location will affect your salary, but the starting minimum wage is $26,000, while the national average exceeds $40,000 per year.
Areas including New York City and Las Vegas pay veteran officers up to $120,000. On top of salary, comp and benefit packages provide even more incentives. These include:

  • Payment for Police Academy attendance
  • Full dental and medical insurance packages
  • Shifts that are often less than the traditional 5 days.
  • Annual pay increases to cover the cost of living
  • Vacation pay
  • Sick leave pay

Pensions are about 75% of your four highest years of pay after 30 years of service (Some people are even able to get other jobs after leaving the force because they might be as young as 50 and earn a regular salary while collecting pension!)

Retirement plans and pensions equaling 75% the four years for which you received the highest pay, following 30 years. Officers who want to continue working are able to collect this in addition to a salary at a new job.

Did you know you can also earn money through off-duty jobs with hourly wages of $25-$50? Adding a few extra hours per week can really add up at payday. By continuing your education through online college classes, the earning potential can go through the roof.

By spending a few evenings a week studying to become a Detective or Chief using credible online college courses, you will quickly advance your career. Join the lucrative field by studying to become a Police officer.