Online Degree Programs in Criminal Justice & Law

Popular Majors in Criminal Justice & Law

Students interested in criminal justice and criminal law majors are students that are interested in the well-being of people around them. They care that wrongdoers are brought to justice, people’s rights are preserved and neighborhoods are safe. Two of the most popular majors in criminal justice and criminal law are law enforcement and law enforcement administration.

Law enforcement majors get a solid education in the history of U.S. law, including the court cases that shaped the law as we know it today. They also take courses teaching them the obligations, methods and practice of law enforcement and ethics relating to law enforcement. Another important part of the law enforcement major’s education are courses teaching them about corrections systems and juvenile justice systems.

Law enforcement administration majors will take many of the same courses as law enforcement majors, but will receive additional training in leadership, management, financial accounting, organization and other courses that focus on running successful law enforcement organizations.

How a Degree in Criminal Justice & Law Prepares You for the Real World

The more a student familiarizes themselves with U.S. law, the more effective he or she will be in a career where those laws must be enforced. Criminal justice and law students immerse themselves in the law, gain a thorough knowledge of how it came to be and are equipped with proven, effective methods of enforcing it.

Criminal justice students take courses giving them essential skills to complete the duties that will be expected of them in their future careers, like gathering, documenting and storing evidence and launching a criminal investigation. Criminology courses give students an understanding of how a criminal mind works and how criminals tend to follow certain patterns. In a real-world setting, these kinds of classes help you catch lawbreakers because you’ve learned to study their former behavior in order to predict their next move.

Many criminal justice and criminal law degree programs require students to take courses in law enforcement computer applications, which is also extremely useful to those in the field, as they will constantly be working with computers to file and search for police reports, witness statements and criminal histories, among other tasks.

Best Jobs for Criminal Justice & Law Degree Students

Some of the best and most respected jobs out there today for criminal justice degree students include police officers and detectives. Policing and detective work are also probably some of the best-known criminal justice careers. Job prospects for police officers and detectives are projected to remain excellent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many work as uniformed officers for city police departments, as sheriff’s deputies for county sheriff’s departments and as state troopers. Police officers and detectives are responsible for the safety of people and their property and the enforcement of local, state and national law. They have the right to exercise their authority as peace officers to place someone under arrest or to execute search warrants to uphold those duties.

Students with a criminal law degree can choose to move on to become criminal lawyers. Criminal lawyers defend people who are charged with crimes, arguing their case in a court of law.