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91 Accredited Medical Assistant Programs for 2017

To help you with your school hunt, we’ve compiled a list by state of all the schools offering medical assistant programs that are accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, an accrediting agency officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. In brackets we’ve indicated whether the school has institutional accreditation, or just programmatic accreditation for this course. Best of luck finding the school that’s best for you!


Fortis College – Montgomery (institutional) Montgomery, AL


Pima Medical Institute – East Valley (institutional) Mesa, AZ
The Bryman School of Arizona (programmatic) Phoenix, AZ


Eastern College of Health Vocations – Little Rock (institutional) Little Rock, AR


American College of Healthcare (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) Riverside, CA
Casa Loma College – Anaheim (institutional) Anaheim, CA
Casa Loma College – Hawthorne (institutional) Hawthorne, CA
Casa Loma College – Van Nuys (institutional) Van Nuys, CA
Galaxy Medical College (institutional) North Hollywood, CA
High-Tech Institute – Sacramento (programmatic) Sacramento, CA
Kaplan College – Salida (programmatic) Salida, CA
Kaplan College – San Diego (programmatic) San Diego, CA
Kaplan College – Stockton (programmatic) Stockton, CA
Kaplan College – Vista (programmatic) Vista, CA
National Career College (institutional) Van Nuys, CA


Anthem College – Aurora (programmatic) Aurora, CO


Branford Hall Career Institute – Southington (programmatic) Southington, CT
Branford Hall Career Institute – Windsor (programmatic) Windsor, CT
Porter and Chester Institute – Enfield (programmatic) Enfield, CT


Allied Health Institute (institutional) Fort Lauderdale, FL
Central Florida Institute – Orlando (institutional) Orlando, FL
Central Florida Institute – Palm Harbor (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) Palm Harbor, FL
Dade Medical College – Hollywood (institutional) Hollywood, FL
Dade Medical College – Homestead (institutional) Homestead, FL
Keiser Career College – Greenacres (programmatic) Greenacres, FL
Keiser Career College – Miami Lakes (programmatic) Miami Lakes, FL
Keiser University – Melbourne (programmatic) Melbourne, FL
Keiser University – Sarasota (programmatic) Sarasota, FL
Keiser University – Tallahassee (programmatic) Tallahassee, FL
Lincoln Technical Institute – Fern Park (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) Fern Park, FL
Lincoln Technical Institute – St. Petersburg (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) St. Petersburg, FL


Medix College – Smyrna (institutional) Smyrna, GA
Sanford-Brown Institute – Atlanta (programmatic) Atlanta, GA


Med-Assist School of Hawaii (institutional) Honolulu, HI


Coyne American Institute (programmatic) Chicago, IL


Ross Medical Education Center – Granger (institutional) Granger, IN


Vatterott College – Des Moines (programmatic) Des Moines, IA


Heritage College – Wichita (institutional) Wichita, KS


Southwestern College – Florence (programmatic) Florence, KY


Eastern College of Health Vocations – New Orleans (institutional) New Orleans, LA
Eastern College of Health Vocations – Shreveport (institutional) Shreveport, LA
Herzing University – Kenner (programmatic) Kenner, LA


Medix School – Towson (institutional) Towson, MD
Sanford-Brown Institute – Landover (programmatic) Landover, MD


Branford Hall Career Institute – Springfield (programmatic) Springfield, MA
Medical Professional Institute (institutional) Malden, MA


Ross Medical Education Center – Ann Arbor (institutional) Ann Arbor, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Brighton (institutional) Brighton, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Davison (institutional) Davison, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Flint (institutional) Flint, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Lansing (institutional) Lansing, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Madison Heights (institutional) Madison Heights, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – New Baltimore (institutional) New Baltimore, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Port Huron (institutional) Port Huron, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Portage (institutional) Portage, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Redford (institutional) Redford, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Roosevelt Park (institutional) Roosevelt Park, MI
Ross Medical Education Center – Saginaw (institutional) Saginaw, MI


Allied College – Maryland Heights (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) Maryland Heights, MO
Sanford-Brown College – Fenton (programmatic) Fenton, MO
St. Louis College of Health Careers – County (institutional) Fenton, MO
St. Louis College of Health Careers – Metro (institutional) St. Louis, MO


Vatterott College – Omaha (programmatic) Omaha, NE

New York

Mandl School (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) New York, NY
Sanford-Brown Institute – New York (programmatic) New York, NY
Sanford-Brown Institute – White Plains (programmatic) White Plains, NY


Carnegie Career College (institutional) Suffield, OH
Ross Institute of Medical and Dental Technology (institutional) Cincinnati, OH
Ross Medical Education Center – Sylvania (institutional) Sylvania, OH
Sanford-Brown College – Middleburg Heights (programmatic) Middleburg Heights, OH
Southwestern College – Cincinnati (Northland) (programmatic) Cincinnati, OH
Southwestern College – Cincinnati (Vine) (programmatic) Cincinnati, OH


American Institute of Medical Technology (institutional) Tulsa, OK


Anthem College – Beaverton (institutional) Beaverton, OR
Apollo College – Portland (programmatic) Portland, OR


Allentown Career Institute (institutional) Allentown, PA
Sanford-Brown Institute – Monroeville (programmatic) Pittsburgh, PA
Sanford-Brown Institute – Pittsburgh (programmatic) Pittsburgh, PA

South Carolina

Fortis College – Columbia (institutional) Columbia, SC


MedVance Institute – Grand Prairie (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) Grand Prairie, TX
Pima Medical Institute – Houston (institutional) Houston, TX
Sanford-Brown College – Houston (programmatic) Houston, TX
Sanford-Brown Institute – North Loop (programmatic) Houston, TX
Southwest Career College (institutional) El Paso, TX


Medical Careers Institute, the School of Health Science at ECPI College of Technology – Richmond (Emerywood) (programmatic) Richmond, VA


Apollo College – Spokane (programmatic) Spokane, WA


Herzing University – Madison (programmatic) Madison, WI
Herzing University Online – Milwaukee (programmatic) Milwaukee, WI
High-Tech Institute – Brookfield (Institutional with Surgical Technology Programmatic) Brookfield, WI
Sanford-Brown College – Milwaukee (programmatic) West Allis, WI