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101 Blog Posts to Help You Live More On Less

If you feel like your life and finances are overloaded, there’s help. You can pare down, simplify, and enjoy life more while living on less. These 101 blog posts will help you do just that, teaching you the art of living well without breaking the bank.


Cut back your expenses with the help of these posts.

  1. How to Live a Better Life with Less: Leo Babauta explains how to live better on less.
  2. 16 Ways to Save Money by Not Being Normal: Step outside of normal to save money.
  3. Find and Plug Your Money Leaks: Jim Wang writes about stopping your money leaks.
  4. Curb Your Consumerism: You can cut back on consumerism using this post.
  5. 15 Ways to Cut Your Expenses: You can cut your expenses with the help of this post.
  6. The Paradox of the Paradox of Thrift: Understand the paradox of thrift by reading this post.
  7. First Beg, Then Borrow, Then Buy: Instead of spending, see if you can beg or borrow first.
  8. How to Want Very Little: Read David Turnbull’s post to learn how you can scale back your wants.
  9. Where to Sell Old Unwanted Stuff: You’ll find out how to get rid of your junk for money in this post.
  10. The Culture of Free, and The Power of Less: In this post, you’ll learn about the culture of free.
  11. When Times Are Tight: When Times Are Tight has 168 tips for stretching your dollar.
  12. Take Care of Your Things: Stretch the value of your things by taking care of them.
  13. Eleven Ways to Save Money Every Month: This post has suggestions for saving money each month.
  14. 7 Things I’ve Given Up to Prune My Expenses: See if you can cut your expenses by cutting these things out.
  15. Summer Savings: Summer Savings post is about keeping your spending cool during the summer.

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Read these posts to practice smart spending.

  1. How to Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear: April explains how you can stop buying unnecessary clothes.
  2. 101 Ways to Cut Your Spending This Year: Read this post for a guide to getting out of debt by spending less.
  3. Spend Less Than You Earn: Learn the simple rule of spending less than you earn.
  4. Getting in at the End of Yard Sales: You’ll see why being late to yard sales isn’t such a bad idea.
  5. Plan Ahead Every Time You Spend: Spend strategically with the help of this post.
  6. How to Control Spending: You’ll learn about controlling spending in this post.
  7. How to Get a Deal and Save Money When You’re Buying Electronics or Other High Ticket Items: Peter Anderson’s post covers deals on big-ticket purchases.
  8. Resisting the Temptation to Buy: This shopper explains how you can stop buying temptation.


Squirrel away your money for a safety net or large purchases.

  1. 25 Ways to Save Money: This post will tell you how to save money 25 ways.
  2. You Need an Online High-Yield Savings Account: Here you’ll find 9 reasons to have an online high-yield savings account.
  3. A Penny Saved is More Than a Penny Earned: Read this post to find out why saving means more than you think.
  4. Is It Possible to Save Too Much Money?: This post will help you make sure your money is working for you.


Use these posts to get help dealing with debt.

  1. Switch to 0%: Find out how you can save money on cards with 0% balance transfer cards.
  2. How to Negotiate with Credit Card Companies: Leverage your skills of negotiation with credit card companies.
  3. Pay Off Highest Interest or Highest Balance Credit Card: This analysis will help you decide whether to pay off high interest cards or those with the highest balance.
  4. Eliminate (and Avoid) High Interest Debt: See why eliminating high interest debt is so important.
  5. How to Improve Your Credit Score: This guide will help you improve your credit score.
  6. Getting Out of Debt: Reductionism and holism are explained for getting out of debt.
  7. Spotting Debt Relief Scams: Here’s how you can avoid getting caught up in a debt relief scam.
  8. 4 Immediate and Simple Steps to Personal Debt Reduction: Start personal debt reduction following these tips.
  9. The 5 Worst Credit Card Practices: Check out this post for an overview of terrible credit card practices.
  10. 5 Simple Debt Reduction Tips: You’ll find simple debt reduction tips in this post.
  11. Credit Restoration Tips: These tips will help you get back your credit.
  12. Pay Off 1 Debt This Month: Make the small goal of paying off a debt this month.
  13. 10 Reasons Credit Cards Are Good: You’ll find out why credit cards aren’t so bad in this post.


Eat healthy food on a dime.

  1. How Much Food Can You Really Save with The Right Survival Garden Layout?: Check out this post to see how much food (and money!) you can save with a cleverly planned survival garden.
  2. Build Up Some Food Storage Reserves With This Survival Food List: This guide helps you build your emergency food storage.
  3. Pick and Process Your Own Fruit to Save Money: Matt Jabs writes about picking your own fruit and saving money.
  4. 16 Great, Healthy Dinners in 10-minutes or Less: Here you’ll find frugal, healthy, and easy to make dinners.
  5. 16 Ways to Eat Healthy While Keeping it Cheap: Mehdi writes about cheap, healthy eating.
  6. Diets and Budgets: Diets and Budgets explains slimming down.

Home Ownership

These posts offer homeowners a way to get more out of their homes for less.

  1. Buy A Small Cabin In Utah: Cabin kits are inexpensive, and can be built with limited manpower.
  2. Make Your Home a “Homestead” That Works for You: Instead of a home that’s a net resource loss, here’s how your home can actually produce for you.
  3. How I Made My Peace with Hiring a Housekeeper: See the value of outsourcing in Erica’s post.
  4. Does Renting Make Sense?: Consider whether renting is a better idea here.
  5. Challenge Your Property Taxes and Win!: This post offers a guide to getting your property taxes down.
  6. Do It Yourself: Here you’ll see why DIY is so important for home ownership and beyond.

Major Purchases

Consider the points made in these posts when making major purchases.

  1. When Should You Refinance a Mortgage?: Cash Money Life writes about the best time to refinance.
  2. Buying the Best New (or Used) Car for You: Laura Martinez writes this post about buying the best car for you.
  3. Should I Walk Away from My Mortgage?: Does it make sense to walk away from your mortgage? Find out here.
  4. Buying a Car: Find out why you need to know your credit score and get financing ahead of time before buying a car.
  5. Mortgage Life Insurance is a Rip-Off: In this post, you’ll learn why mortgage life insurance doesn’t make sense.
  6. How to Move Your Bank Account: This post explains how you can easily move your bank account.
  7. Lessons from Personal Car Buying Experiences: Learn from this blogger’s car buying experience.
  8. How to Create Your Own Extended Warranty: You can learn how to make your own extended warranty in this post.
  9. Pay Off Mortgage Early? Or Invest?: Five Cent Nickel considers whether it’s wiser to pay off your mortgage early or use the money to invest instead.
  10. How to Intelligently and Responsibly Buy a Car: With the help of this post, you can intelligently and responsibly buy a car.
  11. Save Time and Money by Trading in Your Car: Read this post to learn why trading in your car can be strategic.


Check out these posts for help building and keeping a budget.

  1. Using Google Calendar to Pay Bills on Time: Set up your bills on Google Calendar to make sure you pay them on time.
  2. The Debit Card Envelope Budget: A new digital twist on Dave Ramsey’s original envelope budget.
  3. How to Change Your Life By Setting Financial Goals: John Suter’s post explains why financial goals can change your life.
  4. The Great Big List of 75 Budgeting Tools, Finance Softwares and iPhone Money Apps: These tools will help you make the most of your budget.
  5. How to Budget with Irregular Income: It can be difficult to budget with irregular income-here’s how you can do it.
  6. 9 Methods for Mastering Your Money: Use this post to master your money.
  7. The Best Budgeting Tools: Read this post to get the lowdown on the best tools you can use for your budget.
  8. How to Make a Budget That Works: Being Frugal explains how you can make a budget that works for you.

Simple Living

These posts will help you practice simple living.

  1. 12 Essential Rules to Live More Like a Zen Monk: Read this post to find out how you can live simply like a zen monk.
  2. The Power of Yes: The Power of Yes will help you get more out of life.
  3. Do You Need to Downsize Your Life?: Consider whether you need to downsize your life or not.
  4. Stop Trying to Impress Other People: Cut out the habit of impressing other people.
  5. Seven Zen Principles to Guide Your Money and Your Life: You’ll find zen money principles in this post.


Invest with less using these posts.

  1. How to Convert to a Roth IRA: This post offers a discussion on converting your retirement savings into a Roth IRA.
  2. Best High-Yield Money Market & High-Interest Savings Accounts: This post will help you keep an eye on rates for a number of banks.
  3. Don’t Over-Think Your Investments: Make your investments simple with this post.
  4. Investment Property and Its Benefits: Read this post to learn about investing in property.
  5. Reasons for a Roth Conversion from 401K or Traditional Roth: You’ll learn why a Roth conversion makes sense in this post.


Save your financial and physical health using these posts.

  1. 4 Ways to Lower Your Prescription Drug Costs: You can find out how to lower your prescription costs with this post.
  2. Slow and Steady: Slow and Steady has thoughts on physical and financial fitness.
  3. HSAs Are Awesome: Read this post to see why health savings accounts are awesome.
  4. Consider Fish Antibiotics: Many go without antibiotics due to expense. Although unregulated, several people have had success with fish antibiotics.


Follow the tips in these posts to be entertained on the cheap.

  1. How to Get the Best Deal When Signing Up for Cable or Satellite TV: Use the tips in this post to get a great deal on TV service.
  2. 5 Ways to Save Money on Books: Read this post for tips that will help you save money on books.
  3. How to Maximize Your Entertainment Dollar: This post offers a guide to getting the most for your money in entertainment.
  4. How to Have Fun Without Breaking the Bank: Kyle discusses how you can be entertained without having to pay a whole lot.
  5. 10 Free Dates Your Wife Will Love: Be a cheap date, but have lots of fun using these ideas.
  6. How to Cancel Your Cable TV Service: This post covers ditching cable TV.
  7. Ways to Watch TV Without Paying an Arm and a Leg for Cable or Satellite: Through this blog post, you’ll learn how to watch TV on the cheap.

Transportation & Travel

Enjoy getting around and traveling on less money.

  1. 5 Ways to Save Money On Gas: Kelly’s post discusses easy ways to cut back on gas.
  2. Car Sharing: See how sharing cars can save you money.
  3. I Want to Drive Less: This post explains a variety of ways you can drive less.
  4. Credit Card Rental Car Insurance Policies: You’ll get the facts on rental car credit card insurance policies from this post.
  5. Frugal (and other) Thoughts From the Road: Stay frugal on the road with these suggestions.
  6. Frugal and Free Things to Do and See in NYC: If you’re visiting NYC, you can be entertained on the cheap using these tips.
  7. 5 Ways to Travel More With Less: Annabel Candy writes about traveling more on less money.


Save the world and your money with this advice.

  1. 4 Eco-Tips for a Wonderful New Year: Check out Elena’s post to find out how you can be eco-friendly and frugal in the new year.
  2. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: Megan Prusynski explains why less is more when living green.
  3. 10 Ways to Conserve and Save Money: Bob’s post shares ways to save money and conserve at the same time.
  4. 5 Ways to Save the World, While Getting Fitter, Saving Money, Simplifying, and Becoming Happier: Read this post to find out how you can save the world and live less.
  5. Steps Towards a More Sustainable Life of Less: Save money, save energy and live sustainably.
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