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The crocodile and the alligator are often mistaken for one another.  The two have distinct physical characteristics, however, and this list below is sure to help you understand the differences between them.  If you are interested in researching more about crocodiles and want to know about crocodilian biology, these resources will surely help.


  • Defenders: This site is about crocodiles in North America, specifically.  It contains great information and different facts about crocodiles all over the continent.
  • NPCA: A great source of interesting crocodile facts.  It discusses the differences between different native crocodiles.
  • Crocodilians: An extremely informative site with an extensive amount of knowledge available.  Crocodilians says it’s the biggest crocodile site on the Web, and we have no reason to doubt them!
  • Crocodile Specialist Group: The CSG is a network compiling best of the crocodile field.  This specialist group will let you know everything you need and want to learn about crocs.
  • National Geographic: National Geographic is one of the best at what they do, and one of the most reputable sites around.  It has everything you’ll possibly want to know about every type of crocodile found around the world.


  • San Diego Zoo: If you’re curious about the differences between crocodiles and alligators, then you must check out the San Diego Zoo.  After you’re done reading, you’re sure to understand just how different the two are.
  • Crocsite: Alligators vs. Crocodiles.  Crocodiles vs. Alligators.  What you need to know about how different crocodiles are from its similar counterparts.
  • Animal Corner: When you visit this site, make sure to look at the link section at the top of the page on the right side.  There you’ll see links to learn more about crocodiles, alligators and gharials.
  • The Reptipage: This site highlights the top three recognizable crocodylia.  A great site that is easy to navigate through, it covers everything from what they eat to their basic anatomy.
  • Animal Planet: A great look into the history of the crocodile.  Going back to prehistoric times, learn about the types of crocodiles that roamed the planet before man.


  • anapsid: A great, in-depth site with a large amount of information on herpetology.  It’s the perfect source for learning about classifications and their history.
  • ebeltz: This is a site that explains the scientific and common names of reptiles.  Take a look through the different types of species and learn why they’re called what they’re called.
  • SSAR Herps: A dedicated site to herpetology.  SSAR Herps has great resources and information regarding different amphibians, reptiles, and much more.
  • CNAH: The Center for North American Herpetology is an academic paradise for herpetologists.  They offer an extensive list of links to keep you in the loop and up to date.
  • ASIH: If you are interested in a job involving herpetology, this the the perfect site to visit.  Comprehensive career information is available here, and different types of jobs are detailed.


  • PBS: A fun, interactive site, PBS makes users feel as though they are in a museum.  The “Clickable Croc” section is an extremely informative and fun part of this site.
  • Discovery: This site is very informative while being entertaining at the same time. Scroll through the Animal Planet section, learn all about crocodiles, watch videos, and learn about other reptiles.
  • AMNH: American Museum of Natural History has a great section for crocodiles.  Learn all about the endangered American crocodile.
  • The Crocodile Experience: If you love crocodiles but you’ve never seen them up close, this is the next best thing for you!  The Crocodile Experience gives you the most real experience you can have without actually being around a live croc.
  • RF Adventures: Rainforest Adventures has great links to many different kinds of crocs.  Look through beautiful photos and read their facts about crocodiles.

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