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Top 50 Blogs For Sewing Students

The need for people to connect with their ancestral roots, the need to work on something physical rather than virtual, and the currently down economic climate have all converged into a sort of “perfect storm” for the crafting arts. If you’re talking about making something that’s practical and wearable (not like this) then the grande dame of all the homemaking arts is sewing. Not to bash knitting, but it’s pretty hard to knit yourself a whole dress. A college student can knock out a simple sewn dress in a weekend with some practice.

If you’re taking a sewing class, you’re probably working on very simple patterns at first, such as an apron or an A-line skirt. Where can you go for additional inspiration? We’ve searched the Net to find 50 awesome blogs that sewing students will love. Laugh, cry and cheer as you see the “sewing fails” that these brave seamstresses (and seamsters?) share on their blogs. Here they are, in alphabetical order… 50 top blogs that showcase patterns, sewing tips, and other inspiration.

  1. A Crafter’s Chronology Ginny, a Christian woman, blogs about crafting, including sewing and stitching.
  2. A Dress a Day Erin McKean blogs about dresses, patterns, fasion, and most recently skirts. Overall a fun blog with really accessible writing by a talented blogger.
  3. A Sewn Wardrobe A woman charts her sewing journey creating garments that are designed after modern fashion. She posts runway model pictures that inspire her projects.
  4. All Sewn Up A stay-at-home mom blogs about her sewing hobby, including experiences with a new tabletop loom.
  5. Amanda’s Adventure in Sewing Amanda, a stay-at-home mom as well, blogs about sewing and fashion, including misadventures with fabric.
  6. Brian Sews Brian blogs about his sewing hobby and posts videos about sewing machines.
  7. BurdaStyle Blog BurdaStyle is one of the most popular sewing blogs online, with thousands of patterns available.
  8. Cindi’s Sewing Cindi blogs about her sewing hobby, as well as vintage fashion and her home life. Cindi offers great tips for hemming jeans.
  9. Clothed Minds This blogger posts vintage sewing patterns and offers humorous commentary.
  10. Collette Patterns Studio owners blog about vintage patterns and modern fashion, offering tips for creating featured designs.
  11. Cutting Edge Stitches and Seams Mirela Popovici chronicles her sewing projects and cites books and links where she researches sewing.
  12. Diary of a Sewing Fanatic A woman blogs about sewing and shopping for fabric.
  13. E Made This A woman blogs about her sewing projects and highlights what she learns with each project.
  14. Edwardian Wedding Gown The blog chronicles the creation of a early 1900s-style wedding gown and offers links to others who have created homemade wedding gowns. Also included are inspirations for other historical costumes.
  15. Erica B’s DIY Style A stay-at-home mom blogs about sewing and fashion, including clothing she has sewn for her husband.
  16. Fabricluver Susan blogs about knitting and sewing as well as other random musings about her life. She outlines her projects accompanied with pictures of her progress.
  17. Faye’s Sewing Adventures Faye blogs about her sewing hobby and includes her personal sewing goals and books about sewing.
  18. Fehr Trade A woman blogs about making her wedding dress.
  19. Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog A college student’s blog uses lots of photography to show off sewing and crafts and other musings about life.
  20. From these Hands Julie is a stay at home mom that used to teach others to sew but now blogs about sewing and crafts since her children have been born. Her blog features handmade accessories such as bags and aprons.
  21. Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing A New York seamstress chronicles her creation of 14 fashions from a 1950’s fashion book.
  22. Gigi Seams A woman blogs about her sewing projects, including many photos of her progress and finished products.
  23. Gorgeous Fabrics’ Blog A fabric store owner blogs about fabrics, her sewing projects, and sewing tips for readers.
  24. Julia’s Sewing Blog A Canadian blogs about sewing and also blogs her experience running for city office.
  25. Just Another Single Mom A single mom blogs about life as a single mother and her crafting hobbies that she shares with her children.
  26. Just Sew It A Canadian woman blogs about sewing and other crafts and shares her love of design in all forms.
  27. Lindsay T Sews (Again) A New York woman blogs about sewing and shopping in the garment district.
  28. Love and Pincushions Jamie blogs about sewing, including making her own outfit to attend her mother’s wedding.
  29. Male Pattern Boldness Peter blogs about sewing and his love of vintage patterns and fabrics.
  30. My Quilting Obsession A -year old homemaker blogs about quilting and other musings about life.
  31. Nana Did It! Clothing for Toddlers A grandmother who refers to herself as “Nana” blogs about sewing for toddlers, namely her grandchildren.
  32. Nancy K Sews A woman blogs about sewing garments for herself. She gets her inspiration from fashion magazines.
  33. Pattern Junkie A woman blogs about sewing patterns and comments on other sewing blogs she finds interesting.
  34. Polka Dot Overload A cartoonist and graphic designer blogs about sewing crafts, including projects especially for her new baby.
  35. Sew Blessed A Christian woman blogs about sewing, featuring her children in photos of garments that she has sewn.
  36. Sew Chic A mother and daughter share their sewing projects. The blog includes photos and details of the clothing in progress.
  37. Sew Me Allison, a beginning seamstress, blogs about improving her sewing skills as she works on modern fashion garments.
  38. Sew Retro Various seamstresses blog about vintage fabrics and styles.
  39. Sew Stylish Helen began her blog about sewing, but also details her many knitting projects as well.
  40. Sew, Mama, Sew! This blog covers a range of topics including fabrics, patterns, and quilting.
  41. Sewaholic A Canadian blogs about repairing garments that she has bought in stores and includes other sewing tips.
  42. Sewing with Trudy A mom blogs about sewing crafts, shares her love of vintage patterns, and features clothing she has sewn for her daughter.
  43. The Cupcake Goddess Sunni blogs about sewing, including patterns and designs that she finds interesting.
  44. The Selfish Seamstress A woman calls herself “The Selfish Seamstress” because she only sews clothing for herself.
  45. The Sew Weekly This blog chronicles a writer’s journey to fill her closet with only clothing that she has sewn herself.
  46. The Sewing Divas Three women blog about high fashion designs made at home.
  47. Two On Two Off Dawn blogs about sewing garments and even posts her mistakes.
  48. Uhandbag Blog A woman blogs about making handbags at home.
  49. Unsung Sewing Patterns This blog features retro and vintage sewing patterns.
  50. Where the Baby Wears About as Much as the Dog Anna Maria Horner, author of two books about sewing, blogs about sewing and quilting.




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