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Let’s face it: College is just as much about social interaction as it is about academics, and most of that socializing will take place in nightlife spots across the United States. College provides students with a unique opportunity to form relationships and make connections in a way that just wouldn’t be possible in any other setting. On that note, lets make a toast to this fantastic list of the 50 best nightlife blogs in the United States! Grab your glass, and get reading!


  1. Stu’s Blog: Stu’s Blog (aka The Student’s Blog) provides reviews of all the great places for college students to be hanging out. It is extremely informative, organized, easy to navigate, and gives you exactly what you are looking for: The key to your social life.
    • Why We Love It: We love this blog because users can search for any U.S. state and get a list of the most fantastic bars/pubs/nightlife in each designated area. It’s super easy to find what you are looking for!
    • Favorite Post: Nashville Sports Bars
  2. Lights. Vegas. Action: Not only does this blog offer a great deal of information regarding nightlife, attractions, and shows, but it also offers content about celebrity spotting, and tips about traveling to Vegas.
    • Why We Love It: What is a nightlife blog list without some information on Vegas? We love this blog because it is run by a group of individuals that consider themselves the Vegas experts, and they truly deliver.
    • Favorite Post: Vegas Weekender: It’s all action in Vegas
  3. Eater: This blog takes us on a trip to Miami, New York City, D.C., andaboradto review the best eateries and nightlife in different cities.
    • Why We Love It: This blog makes our top 5 because of the great reviews and information that it provides. Whenever visiting these cities, it is crucial that you check out this blog to find the very best hotspots.
    • Favorite Post: Crumb On Parchment By Michelle Bernstein
  4. Nightspotting: Weekly updates, drinking, long nights out, and of course a little bit of relationship drama is what that blog is all about. Chicago Magazine’s nightlife blogger Sarah Preston dishes about everything when it comes to partying down.
    • Why We Love It: Sarah’s blog has reached the top because it’s an up-to-date, well-written, well-organized account of everything happening in Chicago that readers would enjoy.
    • Favorite Post: Weekend Photos: Crocodile
  5. Caroline on Crack: Need to know what kind of drink to pair with your food? This blogger has the answers! From the hottest nightlife spots in Los Angeles to proper etiquette, this blog has all the answers!


  • A Girl’s Guide to Seattle: From the city’s social detectivecomesa blog that is geared toward females, but it’s also all about the nightlife in the Emerald City. If the girls are there, you know it must be the place to be!
  • Aspen Chamber: Whether you are planning on playing in the snow or drinking at some of the greatest bars, Aspen, Colorado, has many great things to do and see. This blogger delves into some of the best things to do in this town at night, from fine dining to clubbing like there is no tomorrow!
  • Augusta GA Blog: Augusta, Georgia, has some really great nightlife places to offer, and this blogger has all the inside details about them!
  • Bar Happy: Want to know the best bar deals happening in all of the hottest cities in the United States? This blog will give you all those important details. After all, college students are always on a budget.
  • Bar Opinions: Ever want to know exactly what people’s opinions are whenever it comes to the many different nighttime destinations that NYC has to offer? This blog opens up a forum for people to discuss the things that they see and really open themselves upabouttheir opinions on different bars, clubs, and pubs in NYC.
  • Blogdowntown: Life in Downtown LA: This blogger lives in downtown L.A. andleadesa very active lifestyle, attending lots of events and nightlife parties!
  • Blogging Los Angeles: This team of blogging contributorsareloving life in one of the busiest cities in the world, Los Angeles. They share their experiences, from

    lunchingto nightlife, with their readers.

  • will fill you in on everything going on in the nightlife scene in Boston, Massachusetts. This blogger updates on a regular basis so that you never miss a beat!
  • Brittney After Dark: Charlotte, North Carolina, has been ranked one of the best places to start life under 30, and now blogger Brittney Cason is filling us in on why. She has the hook-ups and connections for the best bars in town and why you need to be there.
  • Cape Cod Nightlife: This blog will keep you updated on everything going on in the nightlife of Cape Cod. Don’t miss out!
  • Carolina Nightlife: This blog is nightlife central. After reading this, you will never have to spend a night homealongon the couch again. This blog keeps you up to

    date ofeverything

    goinon in the nightlife scene of many different locations.

  • Concierge Preferred: This blog is the tell-all about everything happening in goodol’ Chicago’s nightlife. You will learn about bar openings and closings, as well as the best of the best.
  • Denver Six Shooter: This blogger loves to enjoy the nightlife of Denver, Colorado, and iscontantlyblogging about the experiences!
  • E*Star LA: Want to know where to get the best cocktail in L.A.? This blogger can clue you in! This blogger is full of the best information ranging from food to fun events for you and your friends!
  • Emericandram’s Blog: This blogger lives in the Bay Area and blogs about her experiences visiting different nightlife hot spots.
  • Event Orb: Event Orb has all the information about the best nightlife spots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Feasting in Phoenix: This blog covers everything from where you can find the best eats in Phoenix, Arizona, to where you can find the best drink.
  • Five O’Clock Dallas: These two bloggers are in love with Dallas, Texas, and know the nightlife scene better than the backs of their hands. We especially like the section about the best happy hour spots in this city!
  • Franklin Avenue: This blog is all about eating, drinking, and shopping on Franklin Street in L.A.
  • Go Time!: These bloggers feel that it should always be go-time, no matter where you are in the world. This blog will give you an in-depth view of the hottest places around the world!
  • Honolulu’s Nightlife Diaries: This blogger is a bit of a socialite in the Honolulu area and wants to share all of her favorite hot spots with her readers. She updates regularly and is always on the go!
  • I Am Young Detroit: This blog is about everything going on withcollege agedpeople in Detroit, Michigan. It includes everything from nightlife and popular bars to special activities to get involved in.
  • It’s Pub Night: Are you a beer lover? Well, then this blog just might spike your interest. This blogger loves enjoying a good beer in Portland, Oregon, and shares the best places to find that.
  • Ithaca Lightlife Blog: This blogger discusses major social events happening that deal with everything from parties to galas and the theater in Ithaca.
  • Joe Digi Boston: Joe Digi is a self-proclaimed expert on the nightlife scene in Boston. This blog will give you information about everything from the best nightlife events topartbuses that you should be hopping on in Boston!
  • Life on a coctail Nakin: This bartender has lots of stories to tell about nightlife, bar hoping, and where (and how) to get the best drinks. Don’t miss out on this guide!
  • Nightclubmaster’s Blog: The Nightclubmaster has revealed all of their top picks for nightlife hot spots in both Nashville and Chicago.
  • Nightlife in Barcelona: This blogger is on a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain and blogging about her experiences with the nightlife there.
  • Nightlife PR DC: Want to know about everything fabulous and fashionable going on in the capital? This blogger has atell allblog that will keep you up to date

    abouteverything happening day or night that you will want to be attending!

  • St. Louis Nightlife: This blog covers everything going on in the nightlife category in St. Louis, Missouri. You will find pictures and advice of the best hot spots in the city!
  • The Downtown Diaries: The blogger keeps a diary about her nightly adventures and shares it with her readers. She loves to party in downtown NYC and keeps everyone updated on the best events, shows, bars, and eateries that this amazing city has to offer!
  • The Frogge: “The Frogge” is living in New York City, is obsessed with nightlife andfashion,and shares fun experiences and advice through this upbeat blog.
  • The Genius Blog: The blog is about everything happening in New Jersey’s nightlife. This includes bars, pubs, clubs, absolutely everything that one could need in order to get the party started!
  • The Hot Sheet: Heading Phoenix, Arizona, and need to find a happening spot to check out? This blogger fills you in on all the nightlife that is bouncing in Phoenix. They uncover the best drink and food deals and important art happenings, among other things.
  • The Nightlife Blog: The Nightlife Blog covers the most popular nightlife events happening in cities all over the United States. So, no matter where you are going to school, you will always be informed!
  • The Osborn and Barr Blog: These bloggers love Kansas City and everything about it! They blog about everything from the best nightlife spotstothe most exhilarating activities and events!
  • The Travel Empire: This blogger grew up in New Zealand and is now traveling the world and sharing her experiences about different cultures and their nightlife scenes.
  • Tipsy Texan: Everything that you have everneeded answeredabout Texas nightlife is answered in this blog! This Texan is very in tune with Texas happenings and where everyone should be out drinking when they are in town.
  • Travelled Blog: Need to know the best bars in Orlando, Florida? Then this blog will answer all of your questions! It is filled with information about nightlife in Orlando and the best places to visit and why.
  • Uwishunu: Need the scoop on the ins and outs of Philadelphia nightlife? This blogger discusses everything happening in Philadelphia from bars and drinking to dining and the arts. Don’t miss out!
  • Vegas Nightlife Blog: Headed to sin city? This blog will let you know everything that you need to know about the nightlife of the sinful destination.
  • Washington DC Nightlife: This blogger will keep you updated on everything happening in Washington, D.C.’s, nightlife. If you haven’t visited the Capitol yet, this blog will motivate you to plan a trip.
  • Where: This blog covers nightlight happenings in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego!
  • Wichita Nightlife Blog: In need of drink specials and unique drink recipes? This is the place to find it! Wichita Nightlife Blog will keep you updated on everything nightlife in Wichita.
  • Young, Rich, and Faking It: How better to get first-hand New York City party information than from a self-proclaimed local party girl? This blogger worksinPR and parties and travels to many different places such as NYC, L.A., and Miami, and then blogs about all the hot spots so that we can visit there, too.
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