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Online Schools that Offer Laptops & iPads to Students

Online Schools that Offer Laptops & iPads to Students

by EduRefAugust 10, 2016

Are colleges really giving away laptops and iPads for free?! Well, not quite, but they are offering programs for students who are signing up for the 2016-2017 semester years.

There are also a few schools who are actually giving them to their students for free, yes, FREE!

So where do you find these online colleges that offer laptops and online colleges that offer iPads?

Keep in mind, that these are probably not 100% free, but usually, the school will work with you on a pay arrangement, or just take it right out of your student loans. Right here! We’ve got a bad-ass list compiled for you, so you wouldn’t have to search all over the web for them yourself!

Why are they doing this? What is in it for them?For a lot of parents who attend school, this is way more ideal. Even a lot of just out of high school students are reverting to this method. Supporting yourself has become a big issue in 2016, and no one has time to eat, sleep, go to school, have a social life, and go to school. Even without a social life, sometimes this is pushing it. It’s much easier and convenient to stay healthy and better your schooling while having the option to complete classroom tasks at home. You can do just about anything online that you can in a classroom setting. This is the way we wanted it, and thanks to technology, this is what we’ve got.

Online Schools Offering Free Laptops and iPads

COLLEGE AMERICA – This school offers all of their students laptop rentals. If for some reason you are unable to complete your courses and graduate, they must be returned to the school immediately. They are considered rentals until you graduate. After graduation, however, it becomes yours! ALL yours! Master’s students do not qualify for this program at all. Not sure if it’s included in tuition costs or not, this is not something publicized by the school.

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STEVENS-HENAGER COLLEGE – This college offers all of their students a laptop when they enroll in the online hybrid course programs. Make sure your intentions are to graduate, however, or it’s labeled as a loaner. If you graduate from their courses, you get to keep it as a graduation gift! How cool is that?

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BETHeL UNIVERSITY: This college offers iPads to each and every online and full-time student who enrolls. Rumor is, you are allowed to hang on to your iPad after you graduate, but I’d definitely want to check this out with the school before you start believing something that could be nothing more than a barrel of monkey’s kind of story! They also do not advertise what their tuition costs cover, so we are not positive if this one is free or not. The point is, they do have them, and you can get your own!

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ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – Yeah sure, they give away iPad’s to all incoming freshman’s…if you can afford their tuition rates! (Ranging somewhere around $250,000!!) It’s crazy how they can charge that much, and make statements that imply these big buck tuition rates DO NOT include the cost of your brand new iPad. Does that make it a gift?

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LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY – As a full-time undergrad, you can take classes through this universities CW post campus. They offer a very nice selection of online courses, and students get a mini iPad to make sure they can stay up-to-date and use relevant information when going after their degree. Can’t afford full-time classes? This university offers a kick-ass solution: discounts at a reduced rate of a whopping $250 bucks for those who qualify!

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EVEREST UNIVERSITY ONLINE: This college is recognized nation-wide. They offer loaner laptops to students who take ONLY online courses! They have courses for a variation of majors. Their program has helped thousands of students succeed by making it possible for them to stay connected to the classroom virtually.

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FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY: Students who attend Full Sail University are required to have a computer for their studies. This is provided by the school. The school does charge you a fee, which is taken out of your student loans, and cost depends on which computer you intend on purchasing, and of course, what courses you are planning on taking. They also provide their necessary software suite which they refer to as “Project Launch Box”.

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List of Online Schools That Offer Laptops

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