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January 25, 2015

Guide to Getting the Cheapest Textbooks

It’s no secret that college textbooks are expensive, and the prices are climbing higher every year. The price of textbooks has increased 812% since 1978. Had you been going to college in the seventies, you would have paid over eight times less for college textbooks than you are now. You need to develop a sound strategy for cutting the costs on these books that can be priced at hundreds of dollars each.

Learn How to Find Cheap Textbooks

Check out our ideas for saving you a bundle:


Borrowing is a tried-and-true methods for saving money on textbooks. Did one of your friends take the biology class that you signed up for next [...]

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May 13, 2013

101 Blog Posts to Help You Live More On Less

If you feel like your life and finances are overloaded, there’s help. You can pare down, simplify, and enjoy life more while living on less. These 101 blog posts will help you do just that, teaching you the art of living well without breaking the bank.


Cut back your expenses with the help of these posts.

How to Live a Better Life with Less: Leo Babauta explains how to live better on less. 16 Ways to Save Money by Not Being Normal: Step outside of normal to save money. Find and Plug Your Money Leaks: Jim Wang writes about stopping your money leaks. Curb Your Consumerism: You can cut back on consumerism using this post. 15 Ways to Cut Your Expenses: You can [...]
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May 12, 2013

60 Blog Posts to Improve Your Public Speaking

You don’t have to let a paralyzing fear of public speaking keep you from being the leader, manager or person you want to be. There are numerous ways to overcome your fears, improve your speech and deliver much better, practiced speeches that will have you feeling much more confident and in charge. Students and business professionals alike should check out these blog posts for some guidance on how to become better speakers and presenters and finally fulfill their personal and professional goals.


Learn the basics of improving your public speaking through these posts.

Public Speaking Anxiety: Most people get a little nervous before they speak, but if you get [...]
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May 12, 2013

College Admissions Essay Tips

Your high school transcript has been submitted. You have completed filling out the general questionnaire, penned your short answers to the short answer questions and doled out the requests for recommendation letters. All that is left now is your college admissions essay. And it also is probably the last thing you want to do.

Writing a Good College Admissions Essay

Writing a good college admissions essay is imperative. Your essay can be the deciding factor between whether you are admitted into a university or not. With so much responsibility riding on one essay, putting it all together can be a daunting task. College admissions officers go through hundreds of applications every [...]

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