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Top 10 Colleges With Free Online Classes

Top 10 Colleges With Free Online Classes

by EduRefFebruary 8, 2017

You know that online degree programs are changing education, but did you know that you can get high-quality college coursework online for free? It’s true. Some of the most reputable colleges in the country are making their class materials available online for free to give everyone access to valuable knowledge.

The ten schools listed below offer a variety of coursework from calculus to studio art. You can use these courses to gain valuable new skills, or to simply learn something new to give your brain some exercise. Want to finally learn that software application to make your resume stand out? You can find it here. Want to learn how to weight train and get in shape? You can do that too.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • MIT’s open courseware program means that anyone around the world can have access to this world-renowned college’s treasure trove of knowledge. Courses are available from nearly every department. Many have video or audio lectures, as well as lecture notes and course syllabi. Everything from feminist theory to computer programming is available.
  • Check it out: Marketing, microchips, and McDonald’s: Debating globalization


  • This small Boston liberal arts college goes global with its open courseware program. It even offers classes from its professional medical, veterinary, and dental schools. Many of the classes offer examples of successful student papers and presentations, so you can have a sense of what a student in that class should be able to accomplish.
  • Check it out: Promoting positive development among youth


  • This Ivy League school offers many basic undergraduate classes for those interested in taking introductory courses in the major subjects. Each class has both video and audio content, so it’s easy to feel engaged with the material. If you’re interested in something but never got a chance to explore it before, this is a great place to start.
  • Check it out: Introduction to Psychology

University of California Berkeley

  • Berkeley has been recording the lectures of many of its classes since 2001; you can search by year and semester for all available audio and video recordings for classes since then. As you can expect, this long history means there is a wealth of classes available. Those interested in health care should check out the large number of public health classes there.
  • Check it out:¬†Ethics and Public Health in an Age of Catastrophe

Johns Hopkins

  • You know Johns Hopkins is a great medical school, and now you can check out its public health courseware yourself. Many of the classes have the lecture notes and syllabi available, so you can follow the schedule of the class.
  • Check it out: Environmental Health

Notre Dame

  • If you’re interested in social studies, Notre Dame’s open courseware is something to check out. The online classes list the required readings and lectures, so you can get the full class experience on your own. Choose from many anthropology, history, and ethnic studies classes.
  • Check it out: Women in Islamic Societies

Utah State

  • Utah State’s free online classes are perfect for people looking to pick up extra skills to make themselves more marketable in the job hunt. The school has an Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences department with classes that teach useful computer-related skills, like learning to program HTML and Flash.
  • Check it out: Interactive Multimedia Production

University of Massachusetts Boston

  • UMass Boston has a good selection of online courses in a variety of disciplines. There are a number of basic science and earth science classes. All include class lectures and syllabi.
  • Check it out: Professional Issues in Nursing

University of Washington

  • Since technology moves so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with the latest in computer science and programming. With the free online courseware from the University of Washington’s computer science department, you can brush up on the latest programming language on your own time.
  • Check it out: Fluency in Information Technology

Dixie State

  • This Utah college has a smaller selection of classes than the other schools listed above it, but it still has valuable content to check out. The classes have extensive lecture notes, schedules, and syllabi available to guide you.
  • Check it out: Professional Portfolio Development
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